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When it comes to octopus, our first impression is that it is a "bully" in the ocean.octopus is not a kind of fish, which comes from cephalopod mollusc evolution, the body is generally very small, eight tentacles are thin and long.The seemingly humble octopus is actually extremely idiosyncratic and individual.

1,Smart: a problem solver

Octopuses are masters at solving complex problems on their own, using different strategies for the same purpose, and using the easiest one first.

2,brave: full of adventure and exploration spirit

Octopuses are curious, eager to learn and have a good memory. They never forget the experience they have mastered.If you put an octopus in any new environment, the first thing it does is explore.

3, Agile the most nimble chameleon

Like the most agile chameleon, an octopus can change its color and structure, becoming like a stone covered with algae and then swooping down on its prey.


4, Warm and friendly

In aquarium octopus, can mix well with the crowd very quickly, they are like puppy, kitten, like to get the attention of the owner and play with it, naughty octopus will take the initiative to the audience water fun.


Like Alibaba has robotic cat and Jd has robot dog, Feellife has the personality octopus who combines wisdom, courage, smart and friendly.When the adventurous octopus brother roamed freely in the endless blue ocean, it was also predicted that the third dosing method of Feellife would link the whole atomized ecosphere and create a broader future for a more harmonious ecology.