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Maintenance & Support

Maintenance & Support Team

In order to provide our customers with better service and technical support, FEELLiFE MEDICAL INC has established a great service system. As long as your products require maintenance service, our professional technicians will service for you as soon as possible. FEELLiFE provides a three-step after-sales service system, providing our distributors or customers the best after-sales service. By following the below procedures, FEELLiFE guarantees customer-friendly and timely customer service.

Step1 - Call or email
Call or email your salesman for warranty instructions.

Step2 - Fill out the form
Print out a merchandise return form and fill it out completely and legibly. Click here to access the FEELLiFE Maintenance & Support Form.

Step3 - Purchase receipt
Prepare an original purchase receipt for the item. If purchasing online please provide a packing slip / invoice from the shipment.

Return items to ( Mailing address)
Email: info@feellife.com
Tel: +86-755-66867080-8036
Address: 2nd Floor, Dashizhineng Building, High-Tech Industrial Park, Nanshan District, Shenzhen City, China

Please kindly note:
1. The warranty period of each mesh nebulizer is 12 months.
2. The warranty period of medication cup is 6 months.
3. You must pay for reparation due to the expiration of guarantee time.
4. We only pay the freight from our warranty center to your side.