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​3 tips for using a mesh nebulizer


When using a nebulizer, breathe through your mouth if you have bronchitis

Using a nebulizer can certainly be very useful if you have bronchitis, but be careful about how you breathe. Keep in mind that, to ensure the effectiveness of the drug, you’ii have to only breathe through your mouth, without using your nose. If you don’t, you’ll only end up with whatever hasn’t been absorbed by the nasal lining, which means that justa fraction of the drug will make its way to your lungs.

When using a nebulizer for sinusitis and ear infections, breathe in and hold it

When it comes to sinusitis, ear infections and rhinitis, however, you must only breathe through your nose. When using a nebulizer for these conditions, you have to try to concentrate all your breathing technique on the organ that’s inflamed-your nose. Do you want to make the nebulization therapy work even better? Breathe in deeply and hold it for a few seconds, so that the drug has a chance to be deposited on the walls of the nasal cavity.

It's very important to keep the nebulizer clean

Don’t forgot to clean the nebulizer carefully after each session. Just follow the instructions that come with them, soaking accessories in cold water and disinfectant if required. It’s a small thing, but doing this will really help to keep bacteria and viruses away from your home nebulizer.

Post time: Jul-01-2019