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How does new regulations Effect on the vaping industry?

vaping regulation

How this effects vapers (the tank size, 10ml bottle, and leak-proof mechanism)?

For current vapers the effects range from the ‘mildly inconvenient’ to the ‘downright devastating’.

There are still a number of ex-smokers, or people trying to make the switch fully who rely on nicotine strengths which are higher than the new limit of 20mg/ml.

There is a genuine fear among this group of vapers that they may be forced to return to smoking if they cannot get access to e-liquid which will satisfy their cravings.

This is of course a concern for current smokers who may look to vaping in the future too (particularly heavy smokers).

For others who are already using lower nicotine strengths the effects vary.

Somebody using a mouth to lung device might just find they have to buy 3 bottles of juice rather than just one 30ml bottle.

This may also end up costing them slightly more as the costs involved in making 3 smaller bottles are greater than making one larger bottle.

Somebody who is using sub-ohm devices and therefore gets through a lot more e-liquid in a day will find it far more inconvenient in terms of refilling their tank more often and having to carry multiple spare bottles of juice.

Imagine regulations came in which restricted cans of coke to 110ml.

Every time you wanted a glass of coke you would have to get three little cans and open them all in to one glass.

Then imagine that glass sizes were restricted to 22ml – you would have to refill your glass 15 times in order to drink the same amount of coke.

Yup, it’s not the end of the world but it is a right royal pain, and with no actual benefit why bother?  (and there is no benefit – child resistant caps are a standard for toxic substances such as bleach or household cleaners, and the same are used for e-liquids, so really the bottle size is irrelevant).

It’s also rather hypocritical – they’ve developed guidance for a ‘leak-proof refilling mechanism’ because they don’t like the idea of people getting e-liquid on their hands… but by limiting the tank size they are actually increasing the risk of spillage as the user is forced to refill far more frequently.

You couldn’t make it up.

Effects on the vaping industry

Overall the introduction of the regulations is a very positive step.

Having strict regulations regarding the manufacture of products, emissions testing and so on, means that the quality of products on the market can be trusted and smokers looking to make the switch can be assured that the devices and the e-liquids they use are fit for purpose, and as safe as possible.

However, the regulations are not perfect and limitations on nicotine strength, bottle size and tank capacity have already changed the landscape significantly.

Costs have increased a little but we believe these will fall back in line very quickly.

Convenience has been restricted slightly but not enough to turn people away.

The bottom line is that the vaping community will move past these barriers and continue to use a product which PHE state is 95% safer than smoking – and we hope that with the introduction of the new regulations many more smokers will feel more confident in taking that same step.


Post time: May-19-2017
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