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Vapers in San Francisco urged to take part in upcoming flavour ban hearing


San Francisco and Oakland lawmakers are suggesting their cities ban the sale of flavoured tobacco products, from mentholated cigarettes to flavored blunt wraps, cigars, cigarillos and unfortunately even vaping products.

Last June, California passed a law to restrict the sales of tobacco products which include electronic cigarettes to adults of over 21 years of age. Yet officials argue, the fact that the flavoured products may be purchased from convenience stores, allows them to still be visually accessible to young adults, hence entice them to try the products.

However, public health experts have been pointing out that banning flavours would have a detrimental effect on adult smokers who are trying to quit via vaping products. Many former smokers are encouraged to try the significantly safer products, because of the wide array of flavours available. Seven-Eleven manager Paul Sekhon concurs, “Believe it or not older people buy the blueberry or grape,” he said last month.

The dire need for consumer involvement

Founder and President of Not Blowing Smoke Stefan Didak, said that unfortunately San Francisco has a very low density of industry stakeholders, as throughout the city there is a very small number of vape sops. This means that the battle is unbalanced, hence the help of consumers is needed.

“What we need in San Francisco is a larger CONSUMER involvement and I would love to see the hearing be packed with vapers telling their story. It’s easy to argue economics and the minimal impact the destruction of the vape stores will have to the city. But they can’t argue with the way you feel better, how you’ve chosen to quit smoking, and the effects it will have on you if you can’t pick up your flavored liquids in your favorite few stores in the city. After all, as consumers, you are stakeholders IN YOUR HEALTH.” said Didak earlier this week.

Post time: May-23-2017
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