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What Are You Really Vaping?

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There is a topic that many do not want to discuss and needs attention, and that is, “What are you really vaping“? This is a heavily debated and talked about topic behind closed doors, but are experts touching on the right areas of what ought to be discussed? Should an entire industry be convicted based on business owners choosing to lower standards for a quick buck? Research suggests no.

While the battle over ongoing “science-based” studies of the potential dangers of the broad categorization of E-liquids continues, nobody has spoken much about the variances of quality in ingredients, the vast ways E-liquids are manufactured and who is manufacturing what and where. Common sense would suggest that we should start with the basics. What is in E-liquid? How are quality products made and based off of best business practices? And more importantly, what consumers should steer clear from. Although this industry is new, the answers to these important questions exist, and if understood by the public, vaping would be much more successful in converting smokers to vaping products. But unfortunately, the sad truth is everyone is afraid to say anything due to looming regulations and a landscape that is turbulent, to say the least. So, let’s start with the basics and talk about what is known to be true and how consumers could determine whether or not they are vaping quality E-liquid from reputable brands or not.

It is important to share what is in E-liquids for those that do not know. There are 4 main ingredients; PG, VG, nicotine and flavoring. PG and VG (propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin) are substances that are used in a variety of everyday products. Most use them daily and don’t even realize. How and where E-liquids are made is another topic altogether that consumers should be educated on. Not all E-liquids are created equal! Just like not all food is made the same, nor all clothing material made with the same quality fabrics, the same goes for E-liquids. It’s never a one size fits all with anything. There is a vast diversity of quality in all 4 ingredients that make up E-Liquids. For instance, nicotine, flavorings, PG and VG come from many manufactures around the world and vary widely in price and quality. Obviously, the more reputable manufacturers that vaping companies source from will provide better ingredients, which in turn results in a better vaping experience. So why are all E-liquids not created equal? The average consumer would think that companies would want to serve up the best to their patrons, assuming that vape companies would want their customers to have the best vaping experience possible, right? Wrong, not all do. As mentioned above, there are many companies that source low-quality ingredients for the highest profits and even worse mix them in the most unprofessional setting, such as right in-store like a bartender mixing a drink. These business practices are frowned upon by the companies in the vaping industry that are paying the extra to serve their customers with the highest quality ingredients, in a laboratory with best business practices and are FDA compliant.

Consumers should do their research to ensure that the company is at minimum meeting the current standards. This is not hard to do. Here are a few things to look out for when purchasing E-Liquids. First, look to see certifications of reputable safety organizations like AEMSA, the American E-Liquid Manufacturing Standards Association whose purpose is to create responsible and sustainable practices for the safe manufacturing of E-liquids. AEMSA ensures that the products customers are inhaling are manufactured with professionalism, accuracy and safety. It is important to ensure that the brands purchased are produced in a certified laboratory and that the ingredients used in their E-liquids are preferably USA sourced ingredients. Do not purchase E-liquids that do not come sealed with childproof safety caps, as this is a huge red flag and even against the law.

Post time: Jun-13-2017
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