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  • Having Asthma as an Older Adult(Watch out for these special concerns if you’re over 50.)
    Post time: 07-16-2018

    Think asthma strikes only the young? Not so—a whopping 18.7 million adults live with the condition in the U.S. alone. In fact, adult-onset asthma can occur at any time in life—even in adults over 50. There are two reasons older adults get diagnosed with asthma for the first time, says Stephen Wa...Read more »

  • How do I care for someone with COPD?
    Post time: 07-10-2018

    To be a good caregiver for someone with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), you need to help the person lead a healthy lifestyle and stick with his or her treatment plan.One important aspect of COPD caregiving is encouraging pulmonary rehabilitation. This therapy helps the person incre...Read more »

  • Linked Between Eating Fast Food and Asthma
    Post time: 07-09-2018

    A new Respirology review and analysis of published studies reveals a link between fast food consumption and an increased likelihood of having asthma, wheeze, and several other allergic diseases such as pollen fever, eczema, and rhino-conjunctivitis. The analysis included 16 studies. In...Read more »

  • The 5 Best Exercises for Asthma
    Post time: 07-06-2018

    HOW ACTIVITY HELPS YOUR LUNGS Should your asthma keep you from being active? Of course not! "Not only should those with asthma be able to participate in exercise, but in fact, it may improve their cardiac fitness and reduce the severity of attacks," says Clifford Bassett, MD, founder a...Read more »

  • 6 Surprising Asthma Triggers
    Post time: 07-05-2018

    HIDDEN TRIGGERS TO AVOID People with asthma know the obvious triggers that can send them into a coughing fit. Exercising, cigarette smoke and dust all pop into mind. But there are other unique causes of asthma attacks that may not be on your radar. If you're not sure why your asthma has...Read more »

  • The Worst Foods for Asthma
    Post time: 07-04-2018

    WHY DIET MATTERS Lung inflammation triggers asthma attacks that make people feel as though they're drowning. To prevent attacks, it's important to reduce the triggers, and many can be found in the foods you eat. "There's no link between nutrition and asthma that shows a nutrient...Read more »

  • Kids With Allergies: Emerging Food Allergies
    Post time: 06-27-2018

    Children with known skin, food and respiratory allergies should be screened for an emerging, chronic food allergy called eosinophilic esophagitis (EoE), a painful inflammation of the esophagus, the food tube between the mouth and stomach. Pediatric allergists who analyzed a very large group of c...Read more »

  • What’s The Key for COPD?——Flu Prevention
    Post time: 06-26-2018

    If you or someone you know has chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), it's extra important to do all you can to avoid the flu – including getting a flu shot every year — and to get treatment fast if the virus strikes. The flu can be hard on your body. It can mak...Read more »

  • Warning Signs of Lung Disease
    Post time: 06-25-2018

    A nagging cough or slight wheeze may barely register in the course of our busy days, but it's critically important to pay attention to even mild symptoms. Sometimes people think having trouble breathing is just something that comes with getting older. It is important to pay attention to...Read more »

  • Tips to Keep Your Lungs Healthy
    Post time: 06-23-2018

    Sometimes we take our lungs for granted. They keep us alive and well and for the most part, we don't need to think about them. That's why it is important to prioritize your lung health. Your body has a natural defense system designed to protect the lungs, keeping dirt and germs at bay. B...Read more »

  • Majority of US adults prescribed epinephrine report not using it in an emergency
    Post time: 06-22-2018

    The most effective, life-saving treatment for a severe allergic reaction (anaphylaxis) is epinephrine. Yet a new study shows in an emergency, 52 percent of adults with potentially life-threatening allergies didn't use the epinephrine auto-injectors (EAI) they were prescribed. The new study, ...Read more »

  • Asthma diagnosed with nasal brush test
    Post time: 06-12-2018

    Mount Sinai researchers have identified a genetic biomarker of asthma that can be tested for using a simple nasal brush and basic follow-up data analysis. This inexpensive diagnostic test can accurately identify mild to moderate asthma and differentiate it from other respiratory conditions such ...Read more »

  • Asthma and flu: A double whammy
    Post time: 06-05-2018

    Asthma and respiratory viruses don't go well together. Weakened by the common cold or the flu, a person suffering an asthma attack often responds poorly to emergency treatment; some must be hospitalized. This is especially true for preschoolers. But what if there were a simple solution to he...Read more »

  • Top 5 Questions to Ask Your Doctor about COPD
    Post time: 06-04-2018

    Am I using my medication correctly?In order to get the most out of your COPD treatment, take your medications just as they are prescribed. Some inhalers and nebulizers can be tricky to use. Show your doctor how you are using your medication to make sure you are doing it correctly. Use this&nbs...Read more »

  • An Amazing Journey: How Young Lungs Develop
    Post time: 05-29-2018

    By the time you take your first breath, your lungs have already undergone a fascinating transformation. From birth through childhood and on to adulthood, your lungs experience an amazing journey, becoming the hard-working, life-sustaining organs that are so easy to take for granted. To better ap...Read more »

  • 8 tips to manage your COPD medications
    Post time: 05-28-2018

    Medications for COPD do not cure COPD, they improve your symptoms. Take your medicines exactly as prescribed: that means the right medicine at the right time! Set up a system that works best for you and the people who help care for you. Make a medicine chart showing what you tak...Read more »

  • New treatment for severe asthma
    Post time: 05-24-2018

    Researchers from McMaster University and the Firestone Institute for Respiratory Health at St. Joseph's Healthcare Hamilton, together with colleagues at other partnering institutions, have developed a new method to treat severe asthma. In a study of over 200 participants with severe asthma, ...Read more »

  • Pregnant smokers may reduce harm done to baby’s lungs by taking vitamin C
    Post time: 05-23-2018

    In a previous study, the researchers reported that daily supplemental vitamin C in pregnant women who could not quit smoking improved their newborn's pulmonary function as measured by passive respiratory compliance and the time to peak tidal expiratory flow to expiratory time. At one year, t...Read more »

  • Managing Your COPD Medications
    Post time: 05-21-2018

    There are a range of treatment options to manage chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). Many are directed at aiding the airways to keep them open as much as possible, help with mucus clearance, and decrease inflammation. No single strategy or medicine is "best" for all people. P...Read more »

  • A high-fiber diet protects mice against the flu virus
    Post time: 05-16-2018

    Dietary fiber increases survival in influenza-infected mice by setting the immune system at a healthy level of responsiveness, according to a preclinical study published May 15th in the journal Immunity. A high-fiber diet blunts harmful, excessive immune responses in the lungs while boostin...Read more »

  • Genetic variant discovery to help asthma sufferers
    Post time: 05-15-2018

    Research from the University of Liverpool, published today in Lancet Respiratory Medicine, identifies a genetic variant that could improve the safety and effectiveness of corticosteroids, drugs that are used to treat a range of common and rare conditions including asthma, and chronic obstru...Read more »

  • COPD and Occupational Exposures
    Post time: 05-10-2018

    An international team led by researchers from the Barcelona Institute for Global Health (ISGlobal), a centre supported by the "la Caixa" Foundation, has provided new evidence about the role of occupational exposures as an important risk factor for Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease ...Read more »

  • Traffic-related pollution linked to risk of asthma in children
    Post time: 05-03-2018

    Twenty-five million Americans suffer from asthma, a chronic lung disease that has been on the rise since the 1980s. While physicians have long known that smog and pollution can bring on an asthma attack among children and adults suffering from asthma, researchers remained uncertain about what ro...Read more »

  • Food allergy linked to skin exposure and genetics, study finds
    Post time: 04-28-2018

    Infant and childhood food allergy, whose cause has long been a mystery, has now been linked to a mix of environmental and genetic factors that must coexist to trigger the allergy, reports a new Northwestern Medicine study. The factors contributing to food allergy include the genetics that alter ...Read more »

  • Why don’t kids use their asthma medicines?
    Post time: 04-20-2018

    In a new analysis of interviews conducted with children who have asthma, their caregivers and their clinicians, Johns Hopkins researchers found that there was significant lack of agreement about why the kids miss their needed daily anti-inflammatory medication. A report on the findings, publishe...Read more »

  • Childhood Allergies and Infant Cleansing Wipes
    Post time: 04-10-2018

    Infant and childhood food allergy, whose cause has long been a mystery, has now been linked to a mix of environmental and genetic factors that must coexist to trigger the allergy, reports a new Northwestern Medicine study. The factors contributing to food allergy include the genetics that alter ...Read more »

  • Three-quarters of COPD cases are linked to childhood risk factors that are exacerbated in adulthood
    Post time: 04-08-2018

    Three-quarters of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) cases have their origins in poor lung function pathways beginning in childhood. These pathways are associated with exposures in childhood, and amplified by factors in adulthood, according to a cohort study published in The Lancet Res...Read more »

  • Natural compound coupled with specific gut microbes may prevent severe flu
    Post time: 04-03-2018

    Microbes that live in the gut don't just digest food. They also have far-reaching effects on the immune system. Now, a new study shows that a particular gut microbe can prevent severe flu infections in mice, likely by breaking down naturally occurring compounds — called flavonoids R...Read more »

  • Quintupling inhaler medication may not prevent asthma attacks in children
    Post time: 03-20-2018

    Children with mild to moderate asthma do not benefit from a common practice of increasing their inhaled steroids at the first signs of an asthma exacerbation, according to clinical trial results published in The New England Journal of Medicine. Researchers found short-term increases in inha...Read more »

  • Serious Asthma Attacks Reduced by Temporary Quadrupling of Steroid Inhaler, Study Finds
    Post time: 03-14-2018

    Serious asthma attacks in adults can be reduced by a temporary but significant increase in the dose of inhaled steroids during severe episodes of asthma, according to a new UK-wide study led by asthma experts at the University of Nottingham. Previous research at the University has found that dou...Read more »

  • Moms Who Smoke and Lung Function of Their Kids
    Post time: 03-06-2018

    Tobacco smoke exposure during pregnancy is worse for children with asthma than postnatal secondhand smoke exposure, according to a new study in the journal CHEST® A new study published in the journal CHEST® highlights the burden of obstructive lung disease in US children and implicates...Read more »

  • Improving pediatric asthma care is possible
    Post time: 03-05-2018

    Pediatric asthma is the most common chronic childhood condition and a leading cause of pediatric hospital admissions. New study findings published in the March issue of Hospital Pediatrics shows improved personalized inpatient assessments can enhance the accuracy of the prescribed asth...Read more »

  • How can nonsmokers get COPD?
    Post time: 03-01-2018

    Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, known as COPD, is a common condition most often associated with smoking. However, nonsmokers, and even people who have never smoked, can also develop the disease. According to 2011 research, just over 20 percent of people diagnosed with COPD are nonsmokers...Read more »

  • PARI LC Plus And PRONEB Ultra Used In Two Perforomist Studies On Improving COPD Therapies
    Post time: 02-28-2018

    In two recent COPD studies sponsored by DEY LP, PARI's LC Plus nebulizer and PRONEB compressors (Ultra and Ultra II) were used to show that nebulized formoterol fumarate (Perforomist, DEY LP, Mylan Inc.) improves pulmonary function."We are pleased that researchers chose PARI products as...Read more »

  • Just breathing’ is enough to spread flu
    Post time: 02-27-2018

    Just breathing out — without coughing or sneezing — is enough for a person with the flu to spread the virus, according to new research led by the University of Maryland in College Park. "People with flu," explains senior author Donald K. Milton, professor of environmental health at th...Read more »

  • Cleaning at Home as Bad for Lungs as Smoking?
    Post time: 02-24-2018

    Women who work as cleaners or regularly use cleaning sprays or other cleaning products at home appear to experience a greater decline in lung function over time than women who do not clean, according to new research published online in the American Thoracic Society's American Journal of...Read more »

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