How to Choose Kid Nebulizer

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Autumn and early spring are the seasons with high incidence of respiratory diseases, and children have low resistance. In these seasons, children are vulnerable to external invasion, which may cause upper respiratory tract infection, including common respiratory diseases such as common cold, bronchitis and bronchopneumonia. And nebulization treatment is a necessary treatment for people with respiratory diseases, so the choice of nebulizer is very important. There are many kinds and brands of kid nebulizers on the market. It is a difficult problem for mother to choose which one to use. mother who need it may as well look at the following content to see how to choose kid nebulizers.


How to Choose Kid Nebulizer 


How to select kid nebulizers


1. Look at the size of the nebulized particles: if the particles are too large, they cannot enter the lower respiratory tract and have no therapeutic effect. The particle size of feelife kids nebulizer medium is 2.5 μ m. The nebulized particles are super fine and can directly enter the bronchi and alveoli to achieve the effect of treating diseases.


2. Noise: The noise level of the nebulizer is an important indicator of its quality. If the noise level is too high, friends will not accept it. Generally speaking, if the noise is large, the vibration must be not small, and it is easy to interfere with the treatment. The sound of the feelife kids nebulizer is as low as 29 decibels, just like mother's whispering, and the vibration is very small, quiet and comfortable.


3. Portability: As a household, the size of the nebulizer is also a factor that household users need to consider, and smaller size means more convenient to carry. The feelife kids nebulizer is 53mm long × Width 52mm × The height is 141mm, and the host is only 105g. It is not only small and portable, but also has customized lovely and interesting shapes for children, which can divert kids attention.


How to Choose Kid Nebulizer 


4. nebulizing cup: after meeting the basic requirements, the quality of the nebulizing cup is particularly critical. Feelife has done quite well in this respect. It not only has good quality, but also adopts the design of invisible medicine cup to eliminate the baby's fear.


The above has made a detailed description of how to choose a child nebulizer, and I believe that mother will have a better understanding of this. Both parents hope that the baby can have a healthy body. In the face of the baby's disease and the baby's painful appearance when it comes to illness, the most painful thing is certainly the parents, so we must choose the most appropriate nebulizer for the baby. The feelife kids nebulizer is small and delicate, easy to use, and the liquid residue is less than 0.1ml, which can reduce the drug waste and effectively treat the disease with excellent effect. It is the best choice for treasure mothers.