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15 July 2021

I think this is definitely worth the money, and buyers will be happy to have a device to keep in close contact with you, after reading the instructions, it is so comfortable, easy to carry and easy to use. This is the portable version of nebulizer, which is a brilliant idea, as if you often or may unexpectedly need one. It means that you can take it with you wherever you go, vacation, work, etc., and it is indeed much more compact than the standard version.

23 June 2021

Wish i bought this portable nebulizer sooner, it works pretty well for me. When in use, the nebulizer is very light and easy to hold. It's also very silent during operating, I can't barely hear the voice when using. I like that the medicine cup is removable, more convenient for deep cleaning. Two different working mode also very impressed to me. The nebulizer is made of plastic, only time will tell how durable it would be. In general, this is a nebulizer which is perfect for overnights for people with asthma.

17 June 2021

Great bit of kit that transformed my lung health. I found this nebulizer very easy to use and easy to hold in hands. I keep mine by the side of bed in case I need to use through the night myself and don’t have to waken anyone to assist. Really convenient. Easy to set up and use. It works exactly as promised - fast spray delivery and super silent. When fully charged I can use this machine many times, don’t have to worry about battery. It's small enough so that you can slip this into a travel case whilst away from home as well.

6 June 2021

This is not the first nebulizer I’ve ever use, but it’s the best nebulizer I’ve ever used. It’s smaller than those before. I can quickly take it out from my pocket and start nebulizing in my car. One nebulization can be finish in 30 minutes, which save me a lot of time. Whenever I need to nebulize, this one could be ready at anytime. Also, the machine and liquid cup can be separated, more convenient and easy to clean after use. 

23 May 2021

The unit is small, portable, very easy to use & I highly recommend it. I have asthma but also battling Covid after being fully vaccinated. It has really helped me with medication my doctor recommended. What a great device! Travel with it and does the job! This product fits in any purse, super easy to use.And it work faster and better than old nebulizer. Be sure to clean after every use. Happy with this purchase.

19 May 2021

My dad's previous machine had stopped working and he wanted something lightweight and easy to transport. Bought him a new one and he is so pleased with the quality of the nebulizer. Battery life is excellent as He's used several times a day and still doesn't need recharging frequently. And the operation is very simple, press the button and it will start spraying cool mist in several seconds. My dad can even use it when he is laying on bed. It's quiet when operating and I can barely hear the noise. Very nice nebulizer, highly recommend it.

10 May 2021

Going to the hospital for nebulization is very troublesome, so I am looking for a home use portable nebulizer. This one is a perfect match. Palmed size, cordless, built in rechargeable battery, almost meet all my requirements. The quality of the product is very good, well made and looks great ...from the box to the product. After a few weeks of using its definitely easing my symptoms, it’s a big improvement for me. I am delighted with the results.

6 May 2021

My son always have stuffy nose, and he is scary when using other nebulizer. But this nebulizer has a cute and beautiful appearance, make him less scary. It can do the atomization really good. the machine spray fog size is appropriate, smell feeling is very comfortable, excellent quality and reasonable price. The most important thing is it does helped to clear the nose and breath normally. Also very convenient to use at home.

29 April 2021

I don't use it for respiratory diseases... just use water. I got this to help with my vocal recordings and I have to admit, it helps a lot. Drinking water only helps so much and doesn't really get to your vocal cords like this does. I use both the mask and the mouthpiece, depending on how I feel (if I feel dry nose). The water tank is easy to detach and refill water, this machine won’t run without the liquid in tank. I almost use it everyday, it’s mini size, I can put it in my pocket and carry around.

25 April 2021

My son has asthma, I use to have steam inhaler cup but my kid did not like it because it was not comfortable for him. This portable nebulizer is lighter and easier to use. The mask is comfortable and fits my kid as he is not complaining. It does help to clear the nose and my kid can breath normally. Also there is built in rechargeable battery, no wire needed when using it, very convenient. I wish I found this nebulizer a long time ago.

20 April 2021

This is going to help me a lot, I have an other brand home nebulizer that needs electric power, this one will be very handy when going out. It’s a powerful and quite little motor, light weight, come with several attachments, including USB cable for charging. Child and adult masks, also has a mouthpiece and a storage bag, nice nebulizer.

16 April 2021

I think this is a really nice product because I have an allergy that affects my breathing. When I have breathing difficulties I always take a tablet for allergy. I find this nebulizer helps me and my breathing range improved greatly. This nebulizer was packed well. A great little nebulizer that made my breathing much better. 

This is an awesome little portable machine, love it for home and travel!

11 April, 2021

It was well packaged and comes with mask and mouth piece. It’s a compact machine and has a built in rechargeable battery, making it very easy to take out with me. In my family, three people use it, my daughter and I use it for allergies, and my wife uses it for asthma. Actually three of us have noticed many improvements. This is the first time I have used an nebulizer. In short, the mask is comfortable to wear, very effective and made of great material. I recommend it for asthma or allergies.

7 April, 2021

It's very compact and could be used anywhere, in bed, sofa, car, or my work desk etc. Super handy and convenient.

The level of steam produced in higher mode is strong, and the level of steam produced in lower mode is moderate, and would much be suitable for kids as they have small lungs capacity. Excellent little nebulizer.

1 April, 2021

This nebulizer is a very compact and easy to use product. The design is sleek and operational instructions are very clear. My seven year old kid uses this nebulizer on her own like almost everyday. It's extremely lightweight and portable, my kid can hold it by one hand. We carried this nebulizer to our recent trip to Vermont. Perfect for traveling and keeping in baggage. The noise is extremely low, I can barely hear it when using it.

I highly recommend this inhaler specially for kids to keep cough and flu away.

26 March, 2021

I often go to the hospital for nebulizing treatment, which is very troublesome. So I bought this device and it is very convenient to use. The hand feeling is very good and there is no odor. It saves a lot of time and money of mine. This is a worth buying product.

26 March, 2021

Portable nebulizer, really great quality, works very well, easy to use it, good for kids or adults, seems pretty good so far.

20 March, 2021

Great little machine. Work so quiet and long lasting battery after fully charged. I am glad to have a bag to keep it in with spare attachment in case get damaged. Works great on clearing my stuffy nose.

8 December 2020

This product is very portable and easy to use and helps to unclog my sinuses. I highly recommend it. I bought this for myself as well as my daughter. She and I often get congestion and need something to help with that. She has used it several times now and says it works really well! As for me, the mist is nice and relieving. We've been using it for about half a month and there hasn't been any build up since.

Overall, this cordless nebulizer is very effective in what we bought it for and is intended for. What a real relief for the sinuses, and when the cold, dry winter coming to us this lifesaver is just what my family needs to help save the day!!

15 October, 2020

I like its mini size and portable to the point that you never worry about carrying the traditional nebulizer with you if you are outside. So far working great on rechargeable built in battery and I can say this nebulizer is not like cheap plastic made. Price is decent as well when compare to other brands I saw at local pharmacies.

31 August, 2020

Easy set up, Easy to use! I have a kid, and its very convenient and useful. It's so quiet when working and produce mist much faster than my regular nebulizer. Excellent product for use at home or outside. I love it for its strong air flow and the portable size. Good value for price.

29 July, 2020

I was surprised by it’s size when I received it. Such a small equipment but works really great. I bought this for my 8-year old nephew who has asthma. I like that he can have an easy access to nebulize whenever he needs one and wherever he is.

28 July, 2020

This nebulizer is great. Its portable, sturdy, well made and easy to use. The thing I like about it is when my son needs a asthma treatment it doesn’t matter where we are I can give him his treatment. Great product I highly recommend it.

Find Out What Our Users Had to Say Find Out What Our Users Had to Say

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