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By Feellife Health Inc | 15 March 2021 | 261 Comments

Advantages of Nebulization Treatment

Nebulization treatment mainly refers to aerosol inhalation therapy.

You can use an nebulizing device to disperse the liquid medicine into particles, which are suspended in the air, and enter the respiratory tract and lungs through human breathing to achieve the purpose of cleaning airway, humidifying airway, local treatment and systemic treatment. At the same time, it has the effects of relieving asthma, reducing inflammation, moistening phlegm, and also has a very good effect on the treatment of bronchitis.

However, you may still be wondering what’s the advantages of nebulizing treatment, keep reading, we will tell you about it.


Nebulizer Treatments Has Fewer Side Effects

Using a nebulizer tends to produce fewer side effects than traditional treatment such as taking medicines, injection. The nebulized medicine can reach the throat, bronchi, and alveoli to take effect quickly. The deposition of drugs in the body is less than taking medicine and injection. Moreover, the medicine acts directly on the affected area, it does not pass through other organs, so it’s harmless to other organs, the therapeutic effect will be better.


Nebulizer Treatments Work Faster

If you are taking medicine, it needed to be digested in the stomach first , then deliver the active ingredients to the lesion through the blood and other metabolic methods, finally the treatment will start processing. However, the same medicine would require roughly 30 minutes to begin working if you were to take it in pill form.

In comparison, the nebulizer can directly deliver the drug to the surface of the respiratory tract, trachea, and alveoli to treat the respiratory system quickly without causing some reactions to the drug throughout the body.


Nebulizers Are Easy To Operate

Just pour appropriate amount of liquid medicine in the medication cup, turn it on, then you can start nebulizing. Also, no special breath technique required during nebulizing, all you have to do is breathe as normal, which is a good news to children who afraid of nebulizing. In addition, wear a nebulize face mask or mouthpiece during nebulizing can get better effect.


Nebulizers Are Convenient

Most portable nebulizers come in small size, you can put it in pocket, convenient to take with you across city or overseas. You can take a nebulization treatment at home or outside, save time and money. Besides, nebulization treatment is suitable for all ages, especially for children, nebulization therapy is better than infusion, and cost shorter treatment time.


Generally speaking, in the treatment of respiratory-related diseases, nebulization therapy is a more efficient and harmless method. Yet it should be noted that the specific dosage of nebulization and nebulizing time should be carried out under the guidance of a doctor.

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