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Portable Mesh Nebulizer Aerogo Liquid Cup Medication Cup

Easy remove and install medication cup for Mesh Nebulizer Aerogo. Buy Aerogo Liquid Cup Medication Cup at

- EASY INSTALLATION: Easy to remove and install

- REPLACE IT REGULARLY: Keep clean and ensure optimal performance

- MUST WORK WITH FEELLIFE NEBULIZER: It must work with corresponding nebulizer

- HIGH QUALITY MATERIAL: Medical grade PC material, safe to use

$16.99 $20.39
Please allow 3-5 business days for shipping


The medicine cup only for our nebulizer(Aerogo), please make sure the product model is correct. If you install this liquid cup on other model, it won’t work.


- Liquid cup is a consumable accessory. It is recommended to replace the medication cup regularly to keep your nebulizer in good performance

It cannot be used without FEELLIFE Aerogo Portable Nebulizer

It is a cup to hold the water or medication, DO NOT use for other purposes

Easy to remove and install, convenient for cleaning

Made of medical grade PC material, harmless to human body, safe to use


Please do not use pure distilled water as no electrolyte can be atomized

Please use the mineral containing water, tap water, saline, or liquid medicine


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