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By Feellife Health Inc | 31 March 2021 | 68 Comments

Appropriate Care After Nebulization Treatment

We should not only focus on nebulization treatment at the beginning and during the process, but we should also do more after treatment. Appropriate after-treatment care can be more effective to breathing problems and relieve patient discomfort. There are some small actions that can help , make the recovery process more comfortable and easier.


First, rinse mouth and wash face after nebulization treatment and observe oral cavity every day.

Patients should wash mouth in time to prevent the medicine accumulate in pharynx after treatment. In terms of nursing care, the oral condition needs to be observed every day to avoid oral mold infections. If you used mask, you should also wash face to remove remaining medicines on face, meanwhile prevent medicines from getting into eyes.

Children should rinse their mouths with clean water or drink some water to ease pharyngeal discomfort and remove medicine residues in oral cavity, reducing the rate of fungal infections. For small babies who can't gargle, it is recommended to wipe their mouth gently with 2.5% sodium bicarbonate or saline swabs for care.


Second, pat on patient’s back and help them excrete sputum after nebulization treatment.

Diluted sputum after nebulization may cause patient’s cough. Gently pat their backs in time, and assist them to excrete sputum, keep the airway unobstructed and make sure they can breath comfortably. We should also pay attention to patient’s condition after nebulization treatment.


Third, you must clean and disinfect nebulizer and accessories after each use.

In order to prevent nebulizer contamination and subsequent infections that may be induced, nebulizer, face mask and mouthpiece should be cleaned and disinfected after each use. At least they need to be rinsed with water and dried by clean cloth. Each patient should have their own nebulizer, mask and mouthpiece, never share nebulizer accessories to avoid cross-infection.

For patients who use a portable mesh nebulizer, it is recommended to add a some clear water to nebulize for tens of seconds after nebulization treatment in order to prevent clogging nozzle by medicine, then rinse the nebulizer. Also rinse the medication cup with clean water or warm water and dry it with a clean cloth, put the nebulizer in a clean box for storage.


Last but not least, you must pay attention to daily diet and do some moderate exercises.

In addition to nebulization treatment, patients should also pay attention to their own diet in daily life, eat less food that may stimulate and block the respiratory tract, and drink more water. Besides, moderate exercise is also conducive to the recovery of the disease.


In summary, what’s most important is that you should always follow doctor’s advice, take nebulization treatment in time and use medicine correctly, do some exercises and keep a health life, soon you will be recover from respiratory disease.

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