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By Feellife Health Inc | 1 July 2021 | 147 Comments

Cure Baby’s Cough

In daily life, when some infants and young children catch a cold, they may also have bronchial problems, or throat inflammation, then their throat always feels phlegm, but they can't cough up.

Why so difficult to get rid of phlegm? Medical clinical observations show that as long as children cough will hurts their trachea, the recovery period of epithelium and cilia is about 30 days, and lung injury takes about 60 days to recover. During this period, there is always some residual phlegm, so there will be a cough.

Secondly, if babies suffer from rhinitis, the nasal mucosa secretes a large amount of purulent and highly viscous secretions under inflammation action, which are transported through the nasal cilia to nasopharynx and adhere to nasopharynx, resulting in a foreign body sensation in the pharynx.

So how to expel the sputum in baby’s throat?

- Pat Their Backs Gently

When baby is coughing, parents should picked up baby and patted their back with palm. Back patting can promote sputum discharge. It is best to do it just before the baby wakes up or before going to bed. And pay attention to clear their nasal secretions, often turn the child over and pat their back.

- Drink More Water

Keep throat moist, water can dilute viscous secretions and make them easy to be coughed up, which is good for relieving cough and expectorating, and is good for eliminating of local inflammation as well. At the same time, drinking more water can also improve blood circulation, so that waste or toxins produced by the body's metabolism are quickly excreted from the urine, thereby reducing its irritation to the respiratory tract.

- Take Some Medicine

The fastest method of resolving phlegm and relieving cough, you can choose medicines that are suitable for your baby, which have a good effect on the baby's phlegm. But you must do that under the guidance of a doctor. Do not give medicine on your own, increase or decrease the dose of medicine.

- Take Nebulization Treatment

When sputum seriously affects your baby's life and sleep, nebulization treatment can be carried out under the guidance of doctors. Nebulization treatment is good for relieving cough and asthma, as well as clearing and expelling respiratory secretions. Oral medicine cost a long time to take effect and no significant effect. Nebulization treatment takes medicine directly from the baby’s nose and mouth to the entire respiratory tract in form of aerosol, which is highly targeted, not only effective, but also has fewer side effects.

When encountering a baby's cough and sputum, parents should first clarify the cause before prescribing right medicine and seek for doctor’s help. Prevention is better than cure, and prevention should also be carried out in daily life to reduce the incidence of this kind of disease.

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