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By Feellife Health Inc | 20 August 2021 | 78 Comments

Differences Between Expensive & Cheap Nebulizer

Winter is a period of high incidence of respiratory diseases, especially little babies and infants. In order to save time and reduce the chance of cross-infection in hospital, most parents tend to take nebulization treatment at home. However, buying a nebulizer is really not a simple task.


Faced with the mixed nebulizer market, parents can’t help but have questions: What exactly the differences between an expensive nebulizer and a cheap nebulizer?


Let’s forget clinical application, and talk about it from engineering principles of various nebulizers. At present, there are mainly three types of medical nebulizers, ultrasonic nebulizer, compression nebulizer (jet nebulizer), and mesh nebulizer.


- Ultrasonic Nebulizer

Ultrasonic nebulizer uses piezoelectric conductive wafers as transducers to generate megahertz-level high-frequency oscillations and break up liquid medicine into numerous small drug mist particles with a size of 1-10μm. The high temperature during the oscillations can easily change the activity of protein drugs and now has been almost eliminated.


- Compression Nebulizer

The compression nebulizer uses compressed gas to impinge aerosolized medicine or suspension to form atomized particles (usually 3-8μm in diameter). It has large noise and large size, it must be plugged in for use as well, so the use of space is restricted. The nebulizers in hospitals are basically of this kind.


- Mesh Nebulizer

The mesh nebulizer uses a circuit to drive the metal mesh to oscillate at a high speed, and the liquid medicine is quickly sieved and shaken through the tiny mesh holes on the mesh to form countless atomized particles with a particle size of 1~5μm. At the same time of vibration, it will not generate additional heat and air flow, which is more stable and uniform than the compressed output particles.


Speaking of this, some readers will find out the atomized particle diameter be listed and explained, but why? Here we have to talk about what is a high-quality therapeutic aerosol:

In the micron aerodynamics of atomization, droplets larger than 10μm tend to adhere to inner wall of upper airway such as nasal cavity and oral cavity, while atomized particles of 5-10μm will be deposited on inner wall of bronchus in first 6 segments, only 1-5μm The atomized particles will eventually reach the end bronchus and alveoli.

That is to say, the atomized particles of 1-5μm are effective high-quality aerosol particles, and if the particles are too large, they cannot enter the lower respiratory tract and cannot have a therapeutic effect.


Let's take a look at the comparison of the clinical effects of three nebulizers:

- The utilization rate of mesh nebulizer is much higher than that of the compression nebulizer.

In people’s body, the lung deposits of the mesh nebulization are as much as three times that of the compressed nebulization.

- The average inhalation of medicine is higher.

The average inhaled dose of medicine delivered by mesh nebulizer is as much as two or three times that of the compressed nebulizer.

- No effect on the temperature of the atomized medicine.

The ultrasonic atomized medicine rose by 20 degrees Celsius during the atomizing, while the medicine in mesh nebulizer did not have a significant temperature change.


In summary, the diameter of the effective atomized particles is the most important factor when choosing a nebulizer instead of price. The smaller the particle size of the mist produced by nebulizer, the higher the cost and the more expensive the price. However, price is not the first. The atomized particles of Feellife mesh nebulizer are fine and uniform, and the atomized particle size is 1-5μm, and the 2.5μmn particles account for about 80%, reaching medical grade. You can use it for colds, fevers and lung infections, you deserve a cost-effective nebulizer!

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