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Disposable Protective Masks 50PCS

3 Layers Disposable Protective Masks For Sale at Buy at cheap prices.

- SUITABLE FOR CHILDREN&ADULTS: It is made of non-woven cloth and melt-down cloth material, low allergy and low irritation, without peculiar smell and allergy, safe to use.

- FITS EVERYONE’S FACE: Adjustable hidden nose clip, high elastic ear loop,reduce the pressure, make wearing more comfortable.

- LIGHTWEIGHT&BREATHABLE: Made of soft and hygroscopic material, make wearing more comfortable.

- PROVIDE PROTECTION: Excellent electrostatic adsorption of particles to isolate dust pollution. The cutting design fits the face contour in all directions, increase breathing capacity while ensuring tightness, and greatly enhances the air permeability.

Please allow 3-5 business days for shipping


It is made of non-woven cloth and melt-down cloth material. The mask band is elastic and has the characteristic filtering bacteria.

Scope of Application

It is used by various types of clinical personnel to wear during non-in vasive operation, covering the user’s mouth, nose and forehead, and providing a certain physical barrier to prevent bacteria form directly passing through.

Wearing Method

- Open the packaging after confirming the validity period and the packaging is intact.

- Cover the mouth and nose, fix the ear band, and press the nose clip tightly.

- The used products should be treated as medical waste to prevent environmental pollution caused by bacteria.


- Only for use during an outbreak

- Please use it within the validity period

- Only for one-time use, destroy after use

- Do not use it if the product is damaged

- People who are allergic to nonwovens should follow the caution to use

- Please refer to the usage method before use

Storage Method

Store in a room where the relative humidity does not exceed 80%, non-corrosive gas and well-ventilated, avoid high temperature.


Mask Size: 175*95mm




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