ICU Nebulizer for rapid treatment of severe patients

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If you want to significantly reduce the symptoms of the respiratory system and shorten the course of the disease, you still have to rely on nebulization treatment. You can directly send high concentration drugs to the lungs. And the nebulization treatment needs the nebulization device. For example, in ICU intensive care room. Do you know how to choose ICU nebulizer?

ICU Nebulizer for rapid treatment of severe patients

Everyone in ICU must know that its full name is Intensive Care Unit, and the nebulizer used in ICU naturally requires high standards. The hospital must strictly screen when selecting. First of all, the parameters should be selected strictly according to the medical parameters, which can guarantee the use function of the nebulizer and the rights and interests of patients. Second, select the manufacturers of big brands. The manufacturers of big brands are usually guaranteed in quality, and the hospitals can use them with confidence; Of course, manufacturers of major brands of equipment care and maintenance can also provide guarantee.

 AirICU is certified by international CE. Aerosol inhalation is efficient and safe, and is one fifth of the traditional COVID-19 vaccine dose. It has triple immunity including mucosal immunity, humoral immunity and cellular immunity. The vaccination environment is widely used to rapidly improve the vaccination rate. It includes two advanced nebulization modes: continuous nebulization mode and breath induced nebulization mode. Comfortable nebulization for direct treatment, automatically adjust the nebulization frequency, and improve the vaccine intake opportunity. The diameter of nebulized particles is suitable for nebulizing vaccine. The proportion of effective particles is high, and the drug residue rate is low. AirICU meets the industry standard of nebulized vaccine spray and provides exclusive solutions for general departments, family doctors, social health and intensive care units.

Feellife's ICU nebulizer‍ is suitable for a wider range of people, including children and adults with asthma, acute severe asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, preoperative and postoperative anti-inflammatory, airway humidification, chronic pulmonary disease of premature infants, acute laryngotracheobronchitis, acute wheezing of infants, acute bronchiolitis, allergic alveolitis and other diseases. People with a type of respiratory disease that can treat dyspnea and asthma symptoms. It is also widely used in ICU and provides exclusive solutions for patients.