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After Sale Service

Welcome to Feellife’s self-service page for processing warranty requests and making inquiries. Our system automatically tracks all Feellife warranties, so there is no need to register your product. If there is a problem with your product, you can contact us through this page or quickly help you solve any other problems you encounter. We apologize in advance for whatever inconvenience your Feellife purchase may have caused.


Please note this page is for purchases made through this website or the Feellife store on sites such as eBay and Amazon. For purchases made through Feellife’s authorized resellers, please contact them directly.


All products purchased from Feellife come with a worry-free warranty. You can find the exact warranty period of the product in the chart in the product box or in this chart. You can also verify the warranty period with our customer service team in the body of the email.


If your product is found to be defective during the warranty period, please contact us through the feedback form below and let us know that we can help you. It may save you time to first troubleshoot issues by going to our FAQ page or looking at Instruction Manuals before filing a warranty claim.


Thank you in advance for all of the information you provide, we know your time is valuable.


Warranty Information Tips:

▪ Order ID: You can find this in the order history of the account the purchase was made through.

▪ Model Number: You can find this in your account's order history, as well as on the packaging or manual of the product. Some products come with the model number printed directly on them. Model numbers help us identify the exact make and model of your product more accurately than a product name would.

▪ SN: The SN can be found on the main body of the product or on the charging cable that came with the product. It’s located on a sticker, tag, or printed directly on the product, but never on the packaging. Looks something like SN: AXXXXXXX.


Note: Before Feellife can release a replacement, it may be necessary to return the defective item for quality inspection.

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