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By Feellife Health Inc | 23 January 2021 | 99201 Comments

Safety standards and compliance nebulization is the cornerstone of prevention and treatment of childhood asthma

Asthma, one of the most common chronic diseases in the world. The total number of asthma patients worldwide is 300 million. China has 30 million asthma patients. It also has the highest death rate from asthma in the world. Children are particularly vulnerable to asthma because of their poor immunity.

Pollen, dust, catkins, bacterial viruses, etc., easy to stimulate children to cause asthma.In addition, the temperature difference in spring is large, it is easy to cause respiratory diseases due to a cold. Inhaled nebulization therapy has gradually become the main treatment for asthma and other respiratory diseases. As a result, portable nebulizer is gradually popularized worldwide.

In a deteriorating global environment, the high incidence of respiratory diseases is an indisputable fact. Poor breathing is more painful for the sufferer than any other disease. More importantly, diseases such as asthma, most of the time cannot be cured, only in the more ordinary control, reduce the probability of attack.

It is understood that the treatment of respiratory diseases, will use some hormonal drugs. If the drugs are administered orally or by injection, most of them may not reach the lungs or organs due to low blood flow in the lungs. Its effect will sell at a discount greatly. do not underestimate the damage of other organs. At the meantime, may damage other organs.

Each acute attack of asthma is an inflammatory injury to the bronchi, causing irreversible changes. At present, nebulization inhalation is the most effective and least side effect method.

The liquid drug passes through the nebulizer and becomes 2-5μm particles, which are then inhaled through the mouth and nose, allowing the drug to act directly on the affected area and maximize its effectiveness. At the same time, the drug will not affect other organs, and its side effects on the human body will be minimized.

The intelligent mesh nebulizer becomes the mainstream product. Mesh nebulizer is one of the latest types of atomizer. It has the characteristics of both compression nebulizer and ultrasonic nebulizer.

The new generation of Feellife mesh nebulizer, which is in line with international technology, uses electronic high-frequency vibration technology, by the means of vibrating, flicking, screening and soaking, the drug solution was separated under 3μm nebulization piece, and the nebulized particles were all controlled between 1-5μm, which can reach the lesion directly, make the drug effectively absorbed by the pulmonary fibers and alveoli, and improve the efficacy of the drug.

Compared with the original products, the particles of mesh nebulizer is smaller and more uniform, can cover the diseased parts of the upper respiratory tract, trachea, bronchus and alveoli. It's also smaller, easier to operate, and comes with a rechargeable lithium battery that can be picked up for nebulization anytime, anywhere.

Mesh nebulizer is the most suitable nebulizer for children because children's trachea is relatively small. It is also the most convenient nebulizer if you often outside.

Some questions about inhaled nebulization therapy

Q1: How old can a kid use nebulization inhalation?

A1:   Nebulization treatment is available from birth. For example, the treatment of bronchial dysplasia in premature infants often USES atomized drug delivery.

Q2: To what extent do children cough and pant need atomization inhalation?

A2: Nebulization is a kind of treatment. It can be used in both acute treatment and stable control.

Q3: Will nebulization inhalation be very uncomfortable?

A3: The original intention of nebulization inhalation treatment is to let the patient comfortable to complete. Inhaling drugs directly to the lesion, not through the blood, to reduce the absorption of the body and to reduce the toxicity. For children who have nebulization for the first time, parents should guide the children's inhalation speed, it should be slow to fast, nebulization quantity from small to large, gradually adapt to the process.

Q4: What are the side effects of atomization inhalation?

A4: Nebulization is of high safety, and the dosage of the drug is far less than that of oral and injection drugs, which is only 1/20-1/40 of that of oral drugs, avoiding or reducing the possible side effects caused by systemic drug administration.

In view of the current situation of nebulization treatment in China, experts call: take children to timely medical treatment, select the appropriate treatment and keep enough course of treatment, is the key to the atomization treatment.


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