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By Feellife Health Inc | 5 August 2021 | 118 Comments

Family Nebulization Treatment of Children's Respiratory System

I believe that all parents have all experienced that in the growth of their babies, they will experience respiratory diseases such as colds, and the symptoms are repeated, which is not easy to cure. According to a survey, among children aged 0-14, the incidence of respiratory diseases is the highest, accounting for 51.87% of all diseases in children. If it is not treated in time, it may affect the bronchi, lungs and chest cavity.


- Nebulization Treatment defends the right to healthy breathing

At present, the most popular way to deal with respiratory diseases is nebulization treatment. If your home is equipped with a children’s nebulizer, add physiological saline in the nebulizer to clean your kid’s nasal cavity frequently. By removing pathogens inhaled from the cavity, it can effectively prevent and reduce the occurrence of respiratory diseases.


- The safety of Nebulization Treatment

Nebulization treatment is very safe and suitable for people at any age. As for babies and young children, their organ development is not yet mature, gastrointestinal peristalsis, liver and kidney excretion, etc. are different from those of adults. They may unwilling to take the pills and throw up or choked by pills, poor compliance, etc., which may lead to inaccurate oral administration doses. Also, oral medications are also poorly tolerated. What’s more, when speaking to infusion, it’s not recommended nowadays by major medical institutions at any non-essential time. Nebulization treatment only requires the patient to wear a mouthpiece or face mask and breathe normally. In short, parents don't need to worry about this treatment will harm to their children.


- Advantages of Home Nebulization Treatment

At present, many medical institutions recommend nebulization treatment, and there are also special nebulization rooms in hospitals. However, the number of nebulizers in hospitals are limited, and parents has to queue up for registration and repeated visits, which is tedious and time-consuming. The noisy environment can easily cause resistance in children. Another big hidden danger is the large number of hospital people, which greatly increases the chance of cross-infection, worsen child’s condition.


And the advantages of home nebulization treatment are:

First, it’s convenient to use. No injection and pills needed, children just need to wear a face mask or use a mouthpiece, so they won’t be nervous and resist nebulization treatment. Moreover, children just need to breath normally when taking treatment, no special technique required.

Second, it take effect quickly. After the medicine enters the respiratory tract, the contact area is large, and the medicine has extensive contact with the receptor. In addition, the particles of the drug are fine, which can exert a powerful effect on the local area and improve the pain quickly.

Third, smaller side effect than traditional dosing ways. The amount of medicine taken by nebulization only is one-tenth of that of traditional oral medicines. The medicine will directly enter the respiratory tract, reducing the side effects of the medicine.


Note: Nebulized medication should be used in accordance with the doctor's advice!

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