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By Feellife Health Inc | 26 May 2021 | 30 Comments

Fight Against Flu with A Mesh Nebulizer

Fever, runny nose, cough, chills and fatigue are the symptoms we know much about Flu. Flu returns stronger than ever every year, evolved strains built to surpass prior immunities. Vaccination helps prevent infection, but it is not always guaranteed to be effective.


The unpredictability of flu makes it difficult to resist, the 2019-2021 season has become a classic example. What’s more, during Covid-19 epidemic, the flu will lower your immunity and increase your chances of contracting Covid-19. Epidemiologists believe that the early emergence of the rare B strain of Victoria flu in recent years has been the driving force behind the severity of the epidemic this year. Although the data shows that vaccine in this season works well against other subtypes of the virus, the Victoria B influenza seems to remain in this state. So what can we do to deal with it?


Respiratory Relief


Battling the Flu can be long and painful, especially for kids and those with asthma. Without proper treatment, the lungs may become infected, leading to various other complications, including an increase in asthma attacks or the development of pneumonia.


Using a nebulizer tend to reduce inflammation of the lung, keeping airways clean and clear. Patient’s breathing will becomes easier, and pain and/or irritation is significantly decreased.


How It Works


In simple terms, the nebulizer machine provides a constant supply of compressed air that transports various medicines to be inhaled through a mouthpiece. The liquid medicine turns into a mist and can be administered quickly and painlessly. Medications that can be delivered using a nebulizer include sterile saline solutions, bronchodilators, and even antibiotics. These can prevent the accumulation of mucus and harmful bacteria, and ease breathing difficulties.


Due to the unusually disturbing behavior in the 2019-2021 influenza virus, the nebulizer is a simple way to relieve symptoms that may cause all the differences.

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