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Nasal Cleanser Liquid (Binary aluminum bottle)

  • Remove dirt and relieve stuffy nose

  • Gas-liquid separation, safe and pollution-free

  • Using binary nozzle, continuously spray 360° micron water mist, evenly penetrate the root of nasal cilia

  • Air-like sense of no water mist feeling

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( 2 Reviews )
  • E.N.T. said get it.
    C. S. Suldovsky 27-07-2020

    Having had sinus issues and so many infections I have lost count of the times I was put on an Rx which in time caused the body digestion to get out of balance. It was suggest that I use this daily. At the very least at the end of the day rinse with this and blow out the gunk.. No more infections.. Feelling great with this product.

  • Great product, great price.
    cinnis 27-07-2020

    Excellent product for keeping nose and sinuses irrigated and moist. I use this several times a day. It is so easy to use, and has no taste and doesn’t burn or sting. It is actually refreshing. Great product.


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