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Mesh Nebulizer for Home Travel Air Kids-Yellow

Portable Mesh Nebulizer Home Use Travel Use Handheld Kids Inhaler; Two Nebulization Modes; Waterproof Nebulizer. Buy yellow Mesh Nebulizer at

- HOME USE MEDICAL GRADE NEBULIZER: A better dosing way for respiratory diseases, Mesh V+ technology, It produce ultra fine and uniform mist, easier for you to absorb. Suitable for children and adults.

- PALM SIZED: Light weight, portable nebulizer, easy to put it in pocket, you can use it by one hand when you are standing, sitting or even walking, very convenient.

- FIVE NEBULIZING SPRAY LEVEL: Adjustable nebulizing rate, five level for your option. Adjust nebulizing rate according to personal needs, which is more conducive to medicine absorption.

- LOW WORKING NOISE: Almost entirely silent, the sound just as low as mother whispering, children are more receptive to this nebulizer. Children can nebulize when they are sleeping.

- LOW MEDICINE RESIDUE: U-shaped medication cup bottom groove, liquid medicine will gather in the groove, residual medicine ≤0.1ml, reduce medicine waste.

- MAGNETIC MEDICATION CUP: Easy to install and remove, convenient for cleaning and disinfect, you can replace it instead of purchasing a whole new nebulizer if it’s broken.


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- It is a family medical-grade portable nebulizer, which means you can nebulize comfortably at home anytime, anywhere.

- This nebulizer can produce ultra fine mist, The liquid medicine can reach the lesion directly and be absorbed by the alveoli and lung fibrous tissue.

- Replaceable nebulization piece, you can replace it instead of purchasing a whole new nebulizer if it’s broken.

- Detachable liquid cup is very easy to remove or attach, and convenient to clean.

- Waterproof Nebulizer: IPX5 waterproof grade, use at ease.


Power: <3.0W

Particle Size: MMAD 2.5μm±25%

Liquid Cup Capacity: 8ml(Max)

Working Rate:0.25 ml/min ~ 0.9 ml/min

Working Noise: ≤50dB

Power: DC 3.7V(Li-ion Battery) or DC 5.0V with AC adapter

Size: 47mm(L) x 69mm(W) x 99mm(H)

Product Weight: About102g

Package Content

1* Nebulizer Machine

1* Mouthpiece

1* Adult Face Mask

1* Child Face Mask

1* Charging Cable

1* Warning

1* User Manual

1* Must Read Before Use

1* Gift Bag

1* Outer Packaging


Please charge at least 30 minutes before first use

The main unit can not be washed, please keep it away from splash water

Keep charging the device at least once a month during the storage period

Please read the manual carefully before use it


( 3 Reviews )
  • Quite compact, easily to store
    Kathy Nelson 01-07-2021

    The nebulizer itself is made from plastic, it's quite compact, easily to store. It can fit comfortably in my hand with only one operating button on the front of the nebulizer. The medication container has a flip up lid that is secured by a fold down plastic clip. The clip is small, it's also made from plastic so care will be needed when opening the flip up lid. Liquid can then be cleaned in warm water, along with the mouthpiece and face masks. I feel confident that this will last.

  • I am very thankful
    Emily Brown 23-06-2021

    I've been bought many nebulizers before, from cheap ones on Amazon which didn't produce small enough particles, causing the treatment to be less effective to the expensive nebulizer which always clogging making it very unreliable in an emergency. Ended up returning them all. But this feellife nebulizer really surprise me. Medication is delivered quickly and effectively. Also easy to clean. I am very thankful.

  • Good value kit
    Emma Bryant 15-04-2021

    Good value kit for my kid, with piping and mask included. Instructions are precised and clear, it’s easy to use. This nebulizer delivers the medication very well. It very pleased with this product especially suffering from COPD and emphysema. It’s boxed and lightweight to store, also very portable, fits in a handbag or even a pocket.


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