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Air Pro VIII + Nasal Cleanser Liquid (5ml*35pcs)

Mesh Nebulizer + Nasal Cleanser Liquid For Better Nebulization Effect. Buy Together at

- NEBU-SOLUTION SET PACKAGE:Feellife nebulizer with Feellife Arabah sea salt nasal cleanser liquid(5ml*35pcs), convenient and easy to use, for better treatment effect.

- ULTRA FINE PATICALES: The Arabah sea salt nasal cleanser liquid will be separated into 1-5μm particles by mesh nebulizer, direct to pulmonary lesion.

- REDUCE THROAT UNCOMFORT: The Arabah sea salt solution can reduce inflammation and smooth swelling. Suitable for daily use.

- EXTRACTED FROM ARABAH SEA SALT: Arabah sea salt is rich in 21 trace elements and minerals, which is conducive to repairing nasal mucosa.

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- Air Pro VIII mesh nebulizer and Arabah sea salt nasal cleanser liquid (5ml*35pcs) set package, work together to get better effect.

- Relieve nasal congestion, dry nose, rhinitis, reduce inflammation, smooth swelling and other uncomfortable symptoms.

- Take good care of your nasal health, suitable for adults and children daily use.


How to use

Drop a few drops of Nasal Cleanser Liquid into the nebulizer and start nebulizing. 1-2 times a day, continuous use for a week or as directed by the doctor's advice.


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