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Handheld Nebulizer Machine AeroCentre

Portable Variable Frequency Mesh Nebulizer for Kids & Adults Handheld Nebulizer Machine AeroCentre two nebulization modes. Buy Now at

• Convenient: Mini size, light weight, portable nebulizer, easy to carry

• Optimal Mode for Your Option: Two nebulization modes

• Adjustable Nebulizing Rate: Find a comfortable nebulizing rate

• Easy to Remove and Install: Magnetic medication cup

• Replaceable nebulize piece: You can replace it by yourself

• Unique appearance patented design

Please allow 3-5 business days for shipping


• Mini size, light weight, portable nebulizer, convenient to use at anytime anywhere, perfect for traveling or home daily use

• Appropriate for upper and lower respiratory system disease, like cough, rhinitis, nasal mucus, asthma, sore throat, fever etc.

• Two nebulization modes, normal mode and microwave mode, more efficient in drug delivery with pleasant mode. Long press 3 seconds to interchange nebulization mode

• Adjustable nebulizing volume, promotes the absorption of liquid

• Magnetic medication cup, easy to remove and install, more convenient for cleaning

• Replaceable nebulize piece, you can replace the nebulize piece if it's broken instead of purchasing a whole new nebulizer

• Unique appearance patented design, gives you comfortable hand feeling



Model: Aero Centre

Power Supply: DC4.8V or DC5.0V with AC adapter

Nebulization Rate:0.25ml/min~0.90ml/min

Working Frequency: 130kHz±10%

MMAD: <5μm

Equivalent Particle Size Distribution: The proportion between 1μm~5μm is more than 50%

Water Temperature in Chamber: ≤ 45℃

Medication Cup Capacity: 10ml

Noise: ≤50dB

Product Dimensions/Weight: 67.8mm(L)*47.5mm(W)*110mm(H)/125g

Working Environment: Temperature: 5℃~40℃; Relative Humidity: ≤80%R.H. Non-condensing state; Atmospheric pressure: (70.0~106.0)kPa

Storage/Delivery Environment: Temperature: -20℃~55℃; 0mm(H)/125g

Working Environment: Temperature: 5℃~40℃; Relative Humidity: ≤80%R.H. Non-condensing state; Atmospheric pressure: (50.0~106.0)kPa


Package Content

1x Aero Centre Nebulizer

1x USB Cable

1x Nebulize Piece

1x Child Mask

1x Adult Mask

1x Manual

1x Certificate

1x Warranty Card


• Please add the liquid before turning one the device

• Please follow doctor’s advice on drug selection, drug usage and treatment time

• Please do not use distilled water, multiple-filtered purified water or oil substances for nebulization

• Please clean and maintain the device after each time use

• Please keep the device, medication cup and accessories dry after each time use

• Please do not touch the mesh with sharp or hard objects or with figure in case of malfunction

• Please charge at least 30 minutes before first use



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