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Kids&Children Musical Nebulizer Air Angel-Pink

Portable Mesh Nebulizer with Music Function for Babies & Children. Buy pink Musical Nebulizer at

• Portable Nebulizer: Mini size, light weight, convenient to carry

• Music Function: It can play music when nebulizing, calm baby down

• Unique Design: Hidden liquid medication cup

• Low Working Noise: Virtually silent when operating

• Lovely appearance

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• Mini size, light weight, portable nebulizer, easy and convenient to use at anytime anywhere

• Lovely angel appearance, hidden medication cup, with music function, special designed for babies and children. Long press the switch when the nebulizer is working, then music will play. It will help to make babies calm

• Download your favourite music or other audios by connecting a USB cable with computer

• One-button operation, press the switch button to start nebulizing

• Low working noise, no worry about disturbing others’ rest or sleeping

• Auto Shut-off after 10 minutes working, safe and reliable



Model: Air Angel

Running Time: 1.5 hours

Charging Time: 1 h

Power Consumption: <3.0w

Liquid Capacity: 6 ml max.

Product Weight: 105 g

Product Size: 5.3*5.2*14.1 cm


Package Content

1x Air Angel main machine

1x USB cable

1x Mouth piece

1x Pediatric mask

1x Manual

1x Certificate

1x Warranty card



The product will automatic shut-off after each medication dose(10 mins). You don't need charge the battery, just restart the nebulizer. The nebulizer can work for 7 times (10 mins per time) when you have charged the batteries fully (about 50 mins) .Normally,2 ~ 3 times therapy per day and 10 mins per time is enough for kids.


How to use

Click the button 3 times in 2 secs, then it will work. It is designed for avoiding kids to power nebulizer on alone. Long press the switch when the nebulizer is working, then music will play.



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