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OXYBUMP Hay Fever/Allergy Nasal Spray

Hay fever/allergy nasal spray, great for sneezing, headache, mucus, cough. Feelife Hay Fever Allergy Nasal Spray features Oxygen in a saline nasal spray, Safe to use for headache, Safe to use for coughing&sneezing, Non-addictive, Homeopathic.

- HAY FEVER/ALLERGY NASAL SPRAY: Oxygen in saline nasal spray, temporary relief of hay fever/allergy symptoms such as nasal discharge,sneezing, throat tickling, cough

- BODY CARING: Clean and moisturizes your nasal cavity, use daily as needed, it will help you breath easier.

- SAFE FOR HUMAN BODY: Fast acting and non addictive, safely cleanses and moisturizes your nasal cavity.

- PORTABLE SIZE: 15ml spray, mini size bottle, convenient to carry around.

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This nasal spray helps relieve a broad range of uncomfortable nasal symptoms, which may occur outdoor, indoor or by animal allergens.


- Shake well, remove safety collar and depress pump until primed 3-4 spray at back of throat, 2 times per day of as needed for adult and children 12 years old or older.

- Under 12 years old, 2-3 spray, 2 times per day


- Stop use and ask a doctor if symptoms persist or worsen

- If pregnant or breast-feeding, ask a healthcare professional before use

- Keep out of reach of children


Content: 15ml-120 sprays


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