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Nasal Cleanser Liquid 120ml (Binary Aluminum Bottle)

Arabah Salt Physiological Seawater Nasal Spray Binary Aluminum Bottle 120ml. Buy Nasal Cleanser Liquid at

- NASAL CLEANSER LIQUID SPRAY: Remove dirt and relieve stuffy nose, clear nasal and mucus where germs and viruses may grow, take care of your nasal health, safe and gentle enough to use daily, suitable for adults and children.

- EXTRACT FROM NATURAL ARABAH SEA SALT: This spray is rich in a variety of minerals and trace elements, correct the PH value in nasal cavity, also clean and moisturize nasal cavity, improve the physiological function environment, restore the function of nasal mucosa secretion and cilia movement, and improve the immunity of the nasal cavity.

- UNIQUE BOTTLE DESIGN: Aluminum bottle gas-liquid separation, the solution is stored and sealed in the inner bag, isolated from the outside air, will not cause secondary pollution.

- BINARY NOZZLE SPRAY SUPER FINE MIST: Continuously spray 360°micron water mist, evenly penetrate the root of nasal cilia, it sprays air-like sense of no water mist feeling.

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This saline nasal spray relieves dry nasal membranes, relieve dryness from allergy, sinus and cold medication.



- This nasal cleanser liquid has the effects of anti-inflammatory, sterilizing, calming and relieving pain, take care of your nasal health.

- Use nasal cleanser everyday, effectively preventing colds and rhinitis, it will also remove dirt and relieve stuffy nose, moisturizing nasal cavity and repair nasal mucosa

- The liquid is extracted from natural Arabah(Dead Sea) sea salt, rich in trace elements, It can promote human blood circulation, soften cutin, replenish mineral elements, enhance metabolism and detoxification, and moisturize and moisturize skin. This safe and efficient liquid avoids the side effects of medication.


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