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By Feellife Health Inc | 11 June 2021 | 9 Comments

Feellife Helps Your Child Breath Easier

With the development of medical technology, the treatment of respiratory diseases has been continuously standardized, nebulization treatment has become the mainstream method. The household nebulizer is easy to operate, compact and portable. It can easily cope with emergencies of respiratory diseases and has become the first choice for treatment of respiratory diseases at home.


The hospital was "crushed" by children during the flu season. In addition to the difficulty of queuing up for registration, if a child has a virus cross-infection, the condition will be worse and treatment will be more difficult. Also there’s not enough nebulizers in hospital, children need to wait during peak periods, the atmosphere for consultation is not optimistic. The noise and crying of children make nebulization not the best effect.


In Europe, America and other countries, nebulizer have almost become a must-have for families. At present, most of the nebulizers are expensive, and their function is not good enough, so they cannot meet people's demand for healthy breathing.


The Feellife portable nebulizer has changed the use scene of traditional nebulizers. Patients no longer need to go to hospital for treatment, which can greatly reduce the chance of cross-infection.


Besides, in order to alleviate children’s resistance to nebulization treatment, the compact body and cute shape of Feellife nebulizer make infants and young children happy and relaxed, so as to better carry out the treatment.


With the popularization of household nebulizers, many families have gradually recognized and accepted the nebulization treatment. The home use nebulizer is small in size and light in weight. Even if you are traveling, visiting relatives and friends, the compact and portable nebulizer can be put into the bag. It’s ultra quiet when operating, multi-angle inhalation, fine and stable atomized particles, high drug utilization, breathing mask, mouthpiece, nose plug and other accessories are optional, especially suitable for the elderly and children.


Some Feellife nebulizer models has two nebulization modes - variable frequency mode and micro-wave spray mode. It can be switched freely according to the specific situation to achieve the maximum utilization of medicine.


With the development of the times, technology is constantly updated and iterated. Feellife is committed to the concept of "providing a third way of dosing for mankind", standing at the forefront of the new era of household nebulizer, keeping up with the needs of the medical and health industry, creating consumer satisfaction with the heart of craftsmanship. Serving everyone's health with "Nebulizer+ Nebulized liquid closed-loop ecological chain", gradually changing the situation of single product and low entry barriers in the initial development of household atomizers.

I believe that in the future, Feellife will embark on a farther journey in technology and give more users meticulous health care!

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