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Kids&Children Musical Nebulizer Air Angel-Blue

Portable Mesh Nebulizer with Music Function for Babies & Children. White Sapphire Blue Black Pink Kids Musical Nebulizer for choice at

- UNIQUE DESIGN: Special design for children, lovely appearance, looks like an angel. Hidden medication cup, more attractive.

- HOME USE MEDICAL GRADE NEBULIZER: A better dosing way for respiratory diseases, Mesh V+ technology, It produce ultra fine and uniform mist, easier for human to absorb.

- PALM SIZED: Light weight, portable nebulizer, easy to put it in pocket, your kids can use it by one hand when standing, sitting, walking or even sleeping, very convenient.

- MUSIC FUNCTION: Comes with music function, long press switch button after turning on, then music will start, comfort your kids during nebulizing. This function makes breathing a lot easier and calms them down.

- WORKING QUIETLY: Virtually silent when operating, you can barely hear the working sound, avoid your kids being scared by the nebulizer. No worry about disturbing others’ rest or sleeping.

- NEBULIZE EFFICIENTLY: U-shaped medication cup bottom groove, gathers the medication, liquid medicine residue≤0.5ml, reduce medicine waste, higher nebulize efficiency.

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- Mini size, light weight, portable nebulizer, easy and convenient to use at anytime anywhere, ideal for for on the go and traveling.

- This nebulizer produces fine and uniform mist, the nebulized particles can reach the bronchi and alveoli, which is easier for children to absorb.

- Lovely angel appearance, hidden medication cup, with music function, special designed for babies and children. Long press the switch when the nebulizer is working, then music will play. It will help to make babies calm.

- Download your favourite music or other audios by connecting a USB cable with computer.

- One-button operation, press the switch button 3 times in 2 secs to start nebulizing, long press again to start music.

- Auto Shut-off after 10 minutes working, safe and reliable.

- Detachable medication cup, easy to detach and clean and can be replaced to keep clean and safe.


Model: Air Angel

Power: 3W

Running Time: 1.5 hours

Charging Time: 1 h

Particle Size: 1μm-5μm

Liquid Cup Capacity: 6ml(Max)

Nebulize Rate: 0.3ml/min

Working Noise: ≤50dB

Working Environment: 5℃~40℃

Storage/Transport Temperature: -20℃~55℃

Power: DC 4.8V(Li-ion Battery) or USB5.0V1A

Size: 53mm*52mm*140mm

Product Weight: About 107g(Including Battery)

Package Content

1x Air Angel main machine

1x USB cable

1x Mouth piece

1x Pediatric mask

1x Manual

1x Certificate

1x Warranty card


The product will automatic shut-off after each medication dose(10 mins). You don't need charge the battery, just restart the nebulizer. The nebulizer can work for 7 times (10 mins per time) when you have charged the batteries fully (about 50 mins).Normally,2 ~ 3 times therapy per day and 10 mins per time is enough for kids.

How to Use

Press the button 3 times in 2 secs, then it will work. It is designed for avoiding kids to power nebulizer on alone. Long press the switch when the nebulizer is working, then music will play.

How to Download Music

1.Connect the product and the computer with the supporting USB data cable

2.Find the USB Flask Dick named Air Angel and open it

3.Copy music files in MP3 format or WMA format less than 8m to the USB Flash Disk

4.Unplug USB cable

5.Finished music download

Built in memory: 8MB (about 2-3 music can be downloaded)


( 2 Reviews )
  • Easy to use and helps to unclog my sinuses
    Elizabeth Bolton 16-05-2021

    This product is very portable & easy to use and helps to unclog my sinuses. I highly recommend it. I bought this for myself and my daughter. She and I often get congestion and need something to help with that. She has used it several times now and states it works really well! As for me, the cool steam is nice and relieving. Great machine!

  • Cute appearance with music function
    Sharon Patterson 10-04-2021

    My child always cough, I took him to large hospital and small clinic, they both gave him injection, however, it's useless. Haven't try nebulizing yet, I did a lot of research of nebulizer before buy this product. Other atomizers are either too expensive or not fully functional. The nebulizer has great texture and cute appearance, I can barely hear its sound while working, it also has music function, which is more acceptable for my kid.


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