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By Feellife Health Inc | 8 May 2021 | 72 Comments

Make Children's Nebulization Treatment Easier

Nebulization treatment are often prescribed for children because it is easier for children to use and take very little effort to be effective. But nebulization treatment do need a little patience of parents and children. If your child uses a nebulizer to take their asthma medication, they are always very active and naughty, they may cry and writhe while nebulizing, it is difficult to cooperate with the quietly receiving nebulization treatment, you often feel annoyed by this. So you may be wondering how to make their treatment easier, more enjoyable and comfortable to complete.

Here are some tips to help make your child's treatment a little easier.


- Give Your Child A Reward Program

Try to give your child a little reward after each treatment, like giving him a sticker, and praise him for a job well done. A reward is often very effective in encouraging child to complete his nebulization treatment. Further more, you can make a sticker reward chart, when the chart is filled, both you and your child will feel very satisfied. Besides, a chart can also help parents to remember and record each treatment.


- Add Some Fun Associations to the Treatment

If your child is easily get bored during their nebulization treatment, try to make it enjoyable, by adding some fun associations and incorporating a fun activity, such as reading a story, playing a game or watching their favorite TV program. When your child associates their treatment with something interesting and funny, their boredom will be eased and may even encourage them to look forward to it.


- Make the Nebulization Treatment a Routine

Make a nebulization treatment plan, a consistent treatment plan is able to make your child knows and can stick to this, it’s the best ways to ensure their nebulization treatment goes smoothly. Having your child sit down at the same time each day will help them understand what to expect, and they'll be less likely to challenge or question their treatment — especially when they know it will be over in under 10 minutes.


- Make Treatment a Game

Younger children can sometimes be intimidated by their nebulizer mask, and this can make treatment difficult. If your child finds their mouthpiece scary, try to alleviate some of their fears by comparing it to a superheroes mask, or an astronaut's helmet. Try to make the atmosphere more relaxing and funny, child may think they are playing a game.


- Take Nebulization Treatment While They Sleep

If your child is particularly young, or just an infant. It’s hard for him to keep still. it may be easier to complete their nebulization treatment while they're asleep. Discuss this option with their healthcare provider for advice on the best method to use.


In summary, a relaxing, funny, regular treatment is more acceptable and attractive to your child, pay a little patience and attention, make the nebulization treatment take less effort and more effective.

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