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By Feellife Health Inc | 9 July 2021 | 130 Comments

Make Every Breath Smoother

Nowadays, the dizzying variety of cutting-edge technologies on the market has repeatedly refreshed people's cognition and changed people's lives. Among them, portable nebulizer is becoming a standard for the treatment of respiratory diseases. The "black technology" it carries has also been mentioned by more and more consumers.

The Unique Charm of Portable Mesh Nebulizer

Many people's impression of a nebulizer is that of the large and noisy machine in hospital. In fact, the nebulizer has developed to 3rd generation. From hospital to family, Feellife ushered in a new nebulization era represented by portable mesh nebulizer. There are many "black technologies" in it, micro wave mode and variable frequency mode are the masterpieces. These are Feellife’s original and patented new technologies. Nebulizers equipped with these technologies break through the technical barriers of traditional nebulizers with fixed dosing amount and dosing rate. Through real-time monitoring of respiratory frequency, the spray module is controlled in a surge manner. The nebulization rate will change from small to large and from large to small, and it can be adjusted with the human body's own respiration cycle, which not only prevents coughing, but also avoids the waste of liquid medicine and greatly improves the efficiency of nebulization.

Change Traditional Nebulizing Scene

In the market, you can easily found that products advertised as "black technology" always look high level, and merchants also tirelessly label their products with "black technology". But "black technology" should not be used as a gimmick, it should really bring great changes to people's lives and help people.

Feellife Nebulizer has Mesh V+ core 100 patented technology, it use the vibrating screen technology produce uniform and very small aerosol particles, which plays a key role in the good effect of medicine reaching the lungs. Studies have shown that the deposition and distribution of aerosols in the lungs of Feellife mesh nebulizer is three times more than jet nebulizer (air compressed nebulizer). It ensures that 80% of the particles with a median particle size of 2.5um, reach medical level. Feellife mesh nebulizer is more in line with the needs of family nebulization therapy, and also closer to children's usage habits, it has become a new trend leading the nebulization therapy.

Feellife Make Every Breath Smoother

Technology is the primary productive force, and the invention of various new technologies and new products have made our lives become simpler, faster and better. Feellife focuses on "providing a third way of drug delivery for humans" in the area of nebulization therapy. The investment in scientific research is continuously increased. When the nebulizer entered the development of the 4th gen machine, it was the first to develop the mesh nebulization mode, and won the favor of consumers by virtue of the feature of "self-adjustable nebulization rate, suitable for use whole family" .


In the future, Feellife will continue to bring the most advanced health and medical "black technology" to patients with respiratory diseases in terms of improvement, protection and treatment. Take care of every breath of patients and show the infinite possibilities of a healthy life in the future.

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