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By Feellife Health Inc | 26 March 2021 | 481 Comments

Mistakes During Nebulization Treatment

Although nebulization therapy is easy to operate, people may still have some mistakes during the treatment. Let me tell you something about it.


- Breathe Too Hard During Nebulizing

If you deliberately breathe hard during nebulizing treatment, it will cause inhalation flow to be too fast, which will promote aerosols to collide with each other and deposit in the mouth, pharynx and large airways instead of the affected area. Also, hard breathing will worse your poor lung function, make the inhaled medicine be exhaled before it gets deep enough. So, you just need to breathe normally with a proper nebulize speed during treatment. That’s enough to take the medicine fully reach the bronchi and lungs.


- Nebulization Time is Too Long

Many people may think that the longer nebulization time, the better treatment effect. In fact, that’s wrong. Some people worried that the treatment effect will not be achieved as long as there is liquid left in the liquid medicine cup . Actually, there is no need to deliberately complete the medicine. In the nebulization progresses, the medicine in medication cup will evaporate with the solvent, the amount of medicine in aerosol will decrease while the aerosol particles will increase, and nebulization effect will also be worse. Just follow doctor’s advice, it is recommended that 10-15 minutes of each nebulization treatment time is enough, normally do not exceed 20minutes.


- Children Take Nebulization Treatment When Crying

Some parents think it is better for children to take nebulization treatment when crying so that their children can inhale more medicine. If start with maximum nebulizing rate at the beginning and wear the mask too tight, children will get nervous and not cooperating, then cause them crying. Once they cry, the secretions of mouth and nose increase, which will increase the airway resistance during nebulization process and prevent the medicine particles from reaching target airway. In addition, children breathe shortly and exhale prolonged when crying. The medicine is exhaled before it can be inhaled. The medicine particles will remain in oral cavity and oropharynx, thus affecting the efficacy. Therefore, it is recommended that children who are crying severely suspend treatment, give comfort and enlightenment, and do it after being quiet or falling asleep.

In fact, children need to take a gradual approach when performing nebulization therapy. At the beginning, the mask should be 6~175px away from child, then reduced to about 75px, and finally close to the mouth and nose, child can gradually adapt to the nebulization mist and temperature of the mist. During the treatment, breathe calmly or take intermittent deep breathing to make the mist inhaled more deeply.


- Not Observing Patient’s Condition When Nebulizing

Many people don’t pay attention to patient’s condition when nebulizing, they believe that nebulized inhalation therapy is antispasmodic and antiasthmatic, it will not cause any breathing difficulties. Once breathing difficulties happens, they thought it’s medicine working. In fact, it’s not. During treatment, if the patient's condition worsens, such as dry mouth, nausea, chest tightness, shortness of breath, heart palpitations, dyspnea, decreased blood oxygen saturation, etc., please stop nebulizing immediately and find out the reason. When children taking nebulization treatment, parents should closely observe their complexion, breathing and mental state. If they have pale complexion, abnormal irritability and hypoxia symptoms, they should immediately stop nebulization treatment.


Just do a little more during nebulization treatment to get better effect, help you and your family breath a lot easier.


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