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By Feellife Health Inc | 19 March 2021 | 82 Comments

Misunderstandings Before Nebulization Treatment

Nebulized inhalation therapy is widely used at domestic and abroad. Compared with oral medication, intramuscular injection, intravenous drip and other modes of dosing, nebulized inhalation therapy has its advantages of rapid onset, good curative effect, fewer systemic adverse reactions, and no need for patient's deliberate cooperation because the drug directly acts on the target organ. Nebulized inhalation therapy is easy to operate, safe and effective, it can avoid cross-infection, saving the time of repeatedly visits to hospital, reducing the cost of medical treatment. Also children are more calm and less crying at home. Based on the above reasons, more and more people are buying nebulizers for inhalation treatment at home.

But in fact, people still have many irregularities and misunderstandings about nebulized inhalation therapy, which affect the curative effect and even invalid. Today, I will show you some misunderstandings before nebulization treatment.


- Did Not Clean Oral Secretions And Food Residues In Times

Some users do not care much about oral secretions and food residues, they are not aware that these dirty stuff will increase resistance and hinder the penetration of medicine mist droplets, leading to more retention of drugs in the oral cavity, which may cause side effects. At the same time, due to uncleanness, the bacteria in the oral cavity may be brought into the lower respiratory tract to cause secondary or aggravated respiratory tract infections. Therefore, airway secretions must be fully removed before treatment to facilitate the smooth entry of aerosols into the lower respiratory tract and lungs. If there are more secretions in the nasal cavity, you can rinse the nasal cavity first and then nebulize.


- Did Not Remove Sputum And Atelectasis

The swelling, spasm, and secretion retention of the tracheal mucosa will increase the airway resistance. The drug deposition at the proximal end of the stenosis and obstruction may increase, and the distal drug deposition may decrease, which makes the inhaled drug distribution in the respiratory tract obviously uneven. The amount of drugs deposited in the lower respiratory tract and lungs is significantly reduced, which reduces the efficacy.

Before treatment, please keep the respiratory tract as unobstructed as possible, so as to improve the effect treatment.


- Did Not Pay Attention To Medicine Liquid Temperature

It is necessary to pay attention to the temperature and humidity of liquid medicine before nebulization. If the medicine solution temperature is too low, the released aerosol will easily stimulate the airway , cause trachea, bronchus spams, thereby worsen the situation.


- Did Not Clean And Wash Hands Before Nebulizing Treatment

Users should wash their hands before adding medicines to medication cup and after complete aerosol inhalation treatment to avoid drug contamination, cross infection and reduce the spread of pathogenic bacteria between patients.


- Did Not Pay Attention To The Relationship Between Nebulization And Meal Time

It is recommended to avoid eating as much as possible 30 minutes before treatment, in order to avoid nausea and vomiting caused by aerosol stimulation, especially in children and the elderly.


- Apply Oily Facial Cream Before Nebulization Treatment

Patients, especially children and female, please do not to apply oily cream before treatment, the medicine mist be adsorbed on the face during the aerosol treatment process, thereby increasing unnecessary side effects.

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