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By Feellife Health Inc | 23 July 2021 | 88 Comments

Mouthpiece or Face Mask?

In the process of nebulization treatment, some details not only determine therapeutic effect, but are also closely related to side effects and safety. Among them, there’s a very important issue that has been ignored by many people: Should I choose mouthpiece or face mask when taking nebulization treatment? In clinical practice, some large hospitals use face mask for nebulization treatment as a routine. However, which is better? Face mask or mouthpiece?


Mouthpiece or Face Mask?

When using a mouthpiece, the medicine is directly inhaled through the mouth to reach lower respiratory tract. When inhaled with a mask, the medicine enters the airway through your nose or mouth.

The liquid medicine generally enters the lower respiratory tract through the nasal cavity. In the nasal cavity, the air flow is significantly less than the air flow through the mouth, and the mechanical blockage in nose will cause medicine to be retained in the cavity, resulting in medicine waste and lost and the decrease of the deposition rate in the lung.


In short, the amount of inhalation through the mouth is significantly greater than nose, and the amount of medicine deposited in lungs is greater than those deposited through the nasal inhalation. Therefore, if you use aerosol inhalation to treat lower respiratory tract diseases such as asthma and chronic bronchitis, make the number of particles reaching the alveoli or small airways as many as possible, and inhalation of aerosol through mouth is more appropriate than nasal cavity.


So is face mask for nebulization treatment facing elimination? Of course not. In some special cases, face mask can be more effective than mouthpiece.


For example:

- Those who cannot cooperate with mouthpiece because they are young or because of their intelligence and understanding. Patients with allergic rhinitis or lower respiratory tract diseases with adenoid hypertrophy are better with face mask.

- Most elderly patients (such as those with COPD over 70 years old) have weakened limb and insufficient breathing self-regulation ability, resulting in instability in hands. It is relatively difficult for them to master the use of mouthpiece. It would be better for them to use a mask.

- In addition, patients who are significantly hypoxic and have no carbon dioxide retention, because face mask is more conducive to improving hypoxia than mouthpiece, you can consider use a face mask for nebulization treatment.

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