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Nasal Cleanser Liquid (5ml*7pcs)

Physiological Sodium Chloride Solution 5ml/7pcs Individual Package Use with Nebulizer. Buy Nasal Cleanser Liquid at

- TAKE CARE OF NASAL HEALTHY: Relieve nasal symptoms like dry nose, rhinitis, sinus irrigation, repair nasal mucosa, safe and gentle enough to use daily, suitable for adults and children.

- INDIVIDUAL PACKAGE: 5ml individual aseptic package, clean and hygienic,  convenient to carry with you, use it at anytime anywhere.

- MULTIPLE WAYS TO USE: You can use it alone to clean nasal cavity or use it with Feellife nebulizers in aerosol therapy as nebulized liquid to get better effect.

- EXTRACT FROM NATURAL ARABAH SEA SALT: This liquid is rich in a variety of minerals and trace elements, correct the PH value in nasal cavity, also clean and moisturize nasal cavity, improve the physiological function environment, restore the function of nasal mucosa secretion and cilia movement, and improve the immunity of the nasal cavity.

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If you are looking for an effective nasal cleanser liquid to deal with your nasal problems, this product may be the answer. This nasal cleanser liquid can clean your nasal cavity and help you breathe freely. Use it daily to promote overall sinus health and relieve symptoms, safe for adults and children.


- 0.9% physiological sodium chloride solution, colorless clear liquid.

- If work with a nebulizer as an inhalant,you can get better nebulization effect.

- If work with a nebulizer, drop 5-10ml at a time, can be used multiple times, it is recommended that adults use no more than 60ml per day and children no more than 30ml.

- Multiple usage, it can also used for nasal cavity cleaning, eye cleaning, ear washing and wound cleaning.


- Shake well before use.

- Pay attention to personal hygiene, do not cross use.

- Do not use this product when its shape or color has changed.

- Please use within the marked validity period.

- Please use within 48 hours after opening.

- Toddlers and children please use with the help and supervision of adults.

- Please keep out of reach of children.


Store in a cool and dry place, avoid direct sunlight.


( 1 Reviews )
  • Great product, great price.
    cinnis 28-07-2020

    Excellent product for keeping nose and sinuses irrigated and moist. I use this several times a day. It is so easy to use, and has no taste and doesn’t burn or sting. It is actually refreshing. Great product.


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