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Nebulizer Machine for Family Use Air Pro VIII

Portable Mesh Variable Frequency Nebulizer Home Use Inhaler Two Nebulization Modes. Buy Air Pro VIII Nebulizer Machine at

- MEDICAL GRADE HOME USE NEBULIZER:A better dosing way for respiratory diseases, Mesh V+ technology, it produce fine and uniform mist, easier for you to absorb. Suitable for both children and adults.

- TWO NEBULIZATION MODE: It has variable frequency mode and micro-wave spray mode for different demands. Super fine mist, easier to inhale, so the medicine is able to reach the lesion directly, give you better nebulizing effect.

- THREE NEBULIZING SPRAY LEVEL: Adjustable nebulizing rate, three levels for your option. Adjust nebulizing rate according to personal needs, which is more conducive to medicine absorption.

- FAST MIST PRODUCE SPEED: Mesh V+ technology, nebulizing speed≥0.2ml/min, switch it on, it will produce mist in several seconds, start nebulizing whenever you want.

- REPLACEABLE NEBULIZATION PIECE MEDICATION CUP: Easy to install, remove and clean, replace the medication cup regularly, cleaner and more hygienic. You can also replace them if there are broken instead of purchasing a whole new nebulizer.

- AUTO TURN OFF, PREVENT DRY BURNING: The machine will auto turn off if there’s no liquid or medicine left in water tank. Prevent dry burning, safer to use.

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- Mini size, ultra light weight, portable nebulizer, convenient to use at anytime anywhere, ideal for traveling or home daily use.

- Appropriate for upper and lower respiratory system disease, like cough, rhinitis, nasal mucus, asthma, sore throat, fever etc.

- Magnetic medicine cup, easy to remove and install, more convenient for cleaning.

- Low working noise, almost entirely silent, the sound just as low as mother whispering, won't disturb others, children are more receptive to this nebulizer. They can nebulize when sleeping.

- Press ”+” ”-”  to adjust nebulizing rate, three different levels for option, find yourself the most comfortable rate, promotes medicine adsorption.

- U-shaped medication cup bottom groove, liquid medicine will gather in the groove, residual medicine ≤0.1ml, reduce medicine waste.

- Built in rechargeable battery, comes with a USB cable, you can charge it by USB port or power adapter.


Model: Air Pro 8

Power Supply: Internal power supply

Nebulization rate: 0.15ml/min~0.90ml/min

Ultrasonic Oscillation Frequency: 152kHz±10kHz

Particle Size: MMAD 2.5μm±25%

Equivalent Volume Particle Size Distribution: 1μm-5μm>50%

Liquid Temperature In Water Tank: ≤ 30℃

Medication Cup Capacity: 6ml

Machine Noise: ≤50dB

Size: 68(L)*66(W)*40.5(H)mm


Working Environment: Temperature 5℃~40℃; Relative Humidity: ≤80%R.H. No Condensing; Atmospheric Pressure(70.0-106.0)kPa

Transport/Storage Environment: Temperature -20℃~55℃; Relative Humidity: ≤80%R.H. No Condensing; Atmospheric Pressure(50.0-106.0)kPa

Package Content

1x Nebulizer

1x Adult Mask

1x Child Mask

1x Mouth Piece

1x User Manual

1x User Guidance

1x USB Cable

1x Bag


( 3 Reviews )
  • paragon of nebulizers!
    Karen Roberts 17-04-2021

    I must say that this is the paragon of nebulizers. Whoever invented this device is a genius. I love this it’s just the right size to carry in my pocket for my asthma I love it I’m very pleased with it will purchase it again. Made very high quality, does not look cheap. It works great, and ultra quiet. The mist is fine and cool, make my throat comfortable.

  • Good quality, safe and efficient
    Jasper 06-09-2020

    Good quality, fine and moderate spray, it can be a simple treatment at home, children cold and cough do not need to go to the hospital. Properly size and easy to use.

  • Cool portable gadget for those with allergies
    Paula.Neko 29-07-2020

    Its very light and convenient for transportation, comes with an extra mesh attachment and the masks is comfortable. Awesome alternative to have a nebulizer on the go, or even at home is just less complicated than a bulky machine. Totally worth it


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