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By Feellife Health Inc | 4 June 2021 | 14 Comments

Portable Mesh Nebulizer Save Your Time From Rushing to Hospital

At the turn of seasons, temperature often goes up and down, virus rages, people inevitably catch a cold or fever. At this period of the year, I believe it is the most frequent time when everyone goes to the hospital, especially parents. Patients who are attacked by colds and coughs keep coughing all day long...If parents didn't keep an eye their children, they may get sick, and if children’s condition didn't get better after visit to the hospital, it was even more annoying.


Doctors often recommended a new method - nebulization treatment - to parents. However, parents still have some worries. A traditional nebulizer may looks scary, but the effect is very good. Although nebulization is easy, hospital is often full of people all day and you may waste a lot of time in queuing. Many parents are busy at work and has no spare time to visit hospital. Needless to say there is a risk of cross-infection in the hospital.


So it is a good choice to take nebulization treatment at home. But the variety of nebulizers on the market is making customers dazzling. Here, I am going to introduce a famous brand - Feellife. Feellife is the leading portable mesh nebulizer manufacturer around the world. It’s an integrated international medical enterprise started providing "the third way of dosing" for mankind in 2013 to create technologically advanced, portable, intelligent, healthy and safe nebulized medical equipment with ingenious craftsmanship, which will bring blessings to human health.


As for babies and kids, the low-noise design of Feellife nebulizer will not make them fear or dislike, its exquisite and compact appearance makes them happy to accept instead. 360° spray mist enable babies easily complete medicine inhalation even when they are sleeping.


Some of Feellife portable mesh nebulizer model has dual modes of spray, variable frequency mode and micro-wave mode. Users can adjust the nebulizing rate according to their own conditions, which effectively solves the discomfort of nebulization caused by a single nebulization rate of similar products.


More importantly, Feellife portable mesh nebulizer has low medicine residues, indicating that Feellife portable mesh nebulizer has a high utilization rate of liquid medicine and better performance.


With the help of nebulizer, not only will the baby no longer be afraid of taking medicine, but the effect will be faster and greener.


Feellife portable mesh nebulizer is small in size and light in weight, it can be carried out with you even when traveling. Just put it in the bag and you can start anytime you want.


Ultra-quiet, multi-angle inhalation, fine and stable mist particles, high medicine utilization and comes with face mask, mouthpiece, it’s especially suitable for the elderly and children.


With Feellife portable mesh nebulizer, your kids can enjoy professional nebulization treatment at home anytime, anywhere, and protect kids respiratory system health at all times.

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