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Portable Nebulizer for Baby Kids Air Bee

Mini Size Mesh Nebulizer for Kids & Adults, Daily Home Use Inhaler Two Different Nebulization Modes. Buy Kids Nebulizer at

- NEBULIZER FOR CHILDREN: A more gentle way of dosing for children, reduce irritation, take nebulizing treatment at home, save time and money.

- PORTABLE DESIGN: Mini size, light weight, portable nebulizer, easy to carry around, perfect for traveling or home daily use, no need to visit hospital.

- EASY TO USE: One button operation, just press the switch button to start nebulizing, you can switch on/off by one hand.

- LOW WORKING NOISE: Virtually silent when operating, you can barely hear the working sound, no worry about bothering children when using.

- LESS LIQUID MEDICINE RESIDUE: Low medication residue, minimize medication waste <0.1 ml, more efficient in drug delivery, reduce medicine waste.

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Feellife portable nebulizer not only assists in the treatment of respiratory diseases, such as cold, phlegm, fever, cough, asthma, sore throat, rhinitis, chronic pharyngitis, tonsillitis, bronchitis, etc., applicable for kids, adult, the elders, patients,but also can be used for your beauty skin care atomizing, disinfection atomizing, aromatherapy atomizing, the daily health care.


- This mesh nebulizer can produce 1~5μm ultra-fine particles, easier for human to absorb, the medicine can reach to your lungs directly.

- Replaceable medication cup, you can replace the medication cup if it's broken instead of purchasing a whole new nebulizer.

- Low working noise, no worry about disturbing others’ rest or sleeping, including babies. Reduce children’s fear of nebulization.

- Auto turn off after 10minutes working, press the switch button to start another nebulizing.

- Mesh nebulizer is widely used in hospital, home healthcare, oxygen bar, community medical centre, alpine area, sports healthcare, etc.


Model: Air Bee

Device Weight: 107g(Including Battery)

Power Consumption: 3.0W

Working Temperature: 5~40℃

Storage/Transport Temperature: -20~55℃

Nebulization Rate: 0.3ml/min

Particle Size: 1μm~5μm

Medicine Cup Capacity: 8ml(MAX)

Power: DC 4.8V or USB5.0V/1A

Size: 53*52*140mm

Package Content

1 x Nebulizer

1 x Medication Cup

2 x Mask

1 x Mouthpiece

1 x Micro USB Cable

1 x User Manual


The nebulizer is just for liquid only. Don't use oil, milk, thick liquid etc.

If the medicine liquid has a high concentration or small quantity, it needed to be diluted with normal saline before operate.

If the liquid for nebulizing contains large particles/impurity/precipitate/flatage/colloidal particles, the machine would not work.

Prolonged use may block the spray holes, the nebulizer may stops working or does not spray continuously. In this case, shake it gently, then try again, do not wipe it.

The following accessories: face mask, medicine cup, transducer, nozzle, mist outlet, etc. are cleaned before use.

The main unit can not be washed with water, please keep water from entering the main unit.

Please add the liquid before turning on the device.

Please clean medicine cup and nebulize with warm water after use.

To ensure the machine work longer, please read the manual carefully before use it.


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