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By Feellife Health Inc | 24 June 2021 | 91 Comments

The Most Effective Treatment For Asthma Attacks

- Nebulizer Has High Safety And Direct Action

The use of nebulizers for nebulization therapy is currently the main method for respiratory diseases. According to doctors, for children who suffering from asthma, acute laryngitis, and severe coughing, if they can cooperate with nebulization therapy in time, the course of the disease can be greatly shortened, the time of infusion can be reduced, and some can even get better without infusion. The inhaled medicine can directly reach the diseased area, so nebulization treatment takes effect faster than oral medicine. Since the medicine directly enters the respiratory tract, its dosage is at most only one-tenth of that of other dosing methods, which significantly reduces the toxic side effects of medicine, this is especially important for children and the elderly.


- Nebulized Treatment Helps Control Childhood Asthma

Due to its advantages such as timeliness, convenience and comfort of dosing, nebulization therapy provides patients with effective and easy treatment methods. Using children's nebulizer for nebulization treatment at home can minimize the probability of cross-infection. When staying at home, children will greatly reduce the discomfort, crying, irritability, and non-cooperation then in hospital. More importantly, once an asthma attack occurs, you can deal with it if you have medicine at home, so that the disease can be controlled at the very beginning.

It should be noted that the use of children's nebulizer at home must be guided by a professional doctor, as well as the medicine. In addition, it must be operated correctly with the operation manual of nebulizer, otherwise it will not only be invalid, but will delay the condition.


- Using The Nebulizer Standardizedly

Many people believe longer treatment time will get better effect. If there is any liquid medicine left in the medication cup, they will worried that whether the best treatment effect be achieved. In fact, as progressing of nebulization, the liquid medicine in medicine tank will evaporate. The amount of medicine in the aerosol will decrease, the particles of aerosol will increase, the nebulization effect will become worse. Therefore, it is generally recommended 10 to 15 minutes per treatment.

Remember wash your hands before and after medication and after treatment to avoid drug contamination and reduce the spread of pathogenic bacteria between patients. Pay attention to observe the clinical manifestations of the patient after nebulization. If the patient coughs after nebulization, he should turn over and pat his back in time to assist in expectoration and keep the airway unobstructed.


Finally, after completing nebulization treatment, the nebulizer, face mask and mouthpiece must be cleaned and disinfected, rinsed with water, wiped dry or air-dried. Use a dedicated set to avoid cross-infection.

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