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By Feellife Health Inc | 15 April 2021 | 40 Comments

Tips About Choosing A Nebulizer

When babies has symptoms of respiratory diseases such as cough, excessive phlegm, and even throat edema, doctors often require "nebulized inhalation" treatment.

Some parents may doubt that there are so many people in the hospital, not to mention time cost, there may be cross-infection,is it better to buy a nebulizer and take treatment at home? So, as long as the nebulization is carried out, it can exert its due effect?

Of course not!

The key is to have a reliable household nebulizer, and this nebulizer needs to meet the following conditions:



The nebulized particles must be fine and uniform. The effect of nebulization is closely related to the size of inhaled nebulized particles. The amount and distribution of medicine particles into lungs depend on the particle size.

Different sizes of inhaled particles reach different parts of respiratory tract. Only 1-5μm particles can reach the lower respiratory tract. In other words, in order to obtain a good therapeutic effect during nebulization, the nebulizer is required to disperse the liquid or particles containing the medicine to 1-5μm before it can be inhaled into the lungs.

Parents may have questions, so why isn't it dispersed below 1μm, or even below 0.1μm? Isn’t it the smaller the particle, the deeper it can be? In fact, particles smaller than 1μm are too small to settle. Most of the particles will be exhaled out of the lungs. Therefore, for "lower respiratory tract infections", 1-5μm is a suitable atomized particle size.



Nebulizing speed must be adjustable. Nebulization treatment is not like oral or subcutaneous injection, they just needs to deliver medicine into the body, nebulization therapy needs to control the nebulizing speed. Due to the larynx tissue of young children is not well developed, the buffering effect of throat and nose hair is small. If a large dose is used at the beginning, too much of mist suddenly enters the airway may cause airway muscle spasm, resulting in breathlessness and aggravated breathing difficulties. Therefore, when children are taking nebulization treatment, a process of nebulizing speed from small to large, from slow to fast is necessary.



Mini and portable size, easy to use. As a household device, the size of nebulizer is also a factor that users need to think of, smaller size means nebulizer is more convenient to carry around. Whether it is for work, business trip, travel or shopping, it can be put in a bag without burden, and nebulize anytime, anywhere.



Low working noise. High-quality nebulizer working noise should be less than 65dB. A nebulizer with a noise of over 80dB, its noise, vibration and heat will affect child and baby's treatment experience. We do not recommended these kind of nebulizers.



Low medicine residue.The lower the amount of drug residue, the higher medicine utilization rate of the nebulizer, and the performance is better. The amount of medicine used by the nebulizer itself is about 1/10 that of other routes of administration. If there is too much liquid medicine left, the therapeutic effect will be greatly reduced.



High safety and long lifespan.The nebulizer is also an electrical appliance, so overvoltage protection, temperature control protection, leakage current detection, high voltage resistance detection, etc. are all necessary. These are essential to ensure the safety of users.

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