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By Feellife Health Inc | 9 April 2021 | 61 Comments

What is Portable Mesh Nebulizer?

Nebulizers are medical equipment that turn liquid medicine into a fine mist for the user to inhale, using a mask or mouthpiece.Usually patients who have asthma, respiratory conditions, COPD, or cystic fibrosis are prescribed to use nebulization treatment. It helps the medicine reach the lungs effectively and rapidly. The advantage of using a nebulizer is that a small amount of medicine covers a large surface area for maximum efficiency within a few minutes.


As we know, there are mainly three types of nebulizer at present. Among them, portable mesh nebulizer is the newest one. It has the characteristics of both compression nebulizer and ultrasonic nebulizer. It uses tiny ultrasonic vibration and mesh spray nozzle structure to spray. The electronic high frequency vibration (no harm to human body or animals) go through the high frequency resonance of ceramic nebulizer, break up liquid water molecular structure to produce natural elegance water mist and form ultrafine particles of about 3μm.


Portable mesh nebulizer has many advantages, make it easier for people who suffering from any sort of breathing issues to take treatment. Take Feellife Portable Mesh Nebulizer as an example, let’s talk more about some characteristics about mesh nebulizer.


First of all, portable mesh nebulizer is “portable”. Most mesh nebulizer has a palm size, easy to hold and carry with you. You can even use it by one hand, convenient to nebulize at anytime anywhere. No need to visit hospital to take nebulization treatment, save valuable time. Also, mesh nebulizer is suitable for all ages, just follow doctor’s advice.


Second, it can produce ultra fine and uniform nebulized particles. The particle diameter are under 5μm, most of them are 2.5μm particles. The liquid medicine can reach the lesion directly and be absorbed by the alveoli and lung fibrous tissue. Suitable use in most respiratory diseases treatment.


Third, portable nebulizer has a very low working noise unlike compression nebulizer and ultrasonic nebulizer. The working noise of portable mesh nebulizer is below 40dB normally, almost entirely silent. Little babies and children are more receptive to this nebulizer. No more fear and enjoy nebulization treatment. They can even have their nebulization treatment during sleep.


Also, mesh nebulizer lower the waste of medicine. It has high nebulization rate of liquid medicine, and the residual liquid medicine is only 0.2 ml. It cost less liquid medicine than other type of nebulizer. Some of the nebulizer has different nebulization mode, like micro wave mode and variable frequency mode. You can select optimal mode depends on your needs.


Thanks to its scientific structure, you can take nebulization treatment at any posture you like. Just find yourself a most comfortable pose. Most of the mesh nebulizer are easy to use, press one button to start nebulizing. Besides, they are easy and convenient to clean, some of them even have auto clean function.


Last but not least, portable mesh nebulizer is not as expensive as those professional equipment in hospital, you can get one easily. Also, taking nebulization treatment at home save a lot of time and money, it’s affordable for everyone.

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