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By Feellife Health Inc | 2 April 2021 | 70 Comments

What is Wrong in Using Nebulizing Medicine?

We all know that nebulization treatment is an effective treatment for respiratory disease, it’s great for those who suffering from breathing issue. But remember, we must choose medicine under doctor’s advice, also use them correctly. There are some wrong ways of using medicine we should be aware of.


- Too Much Liquid Medicine In Medication Cup

Normally, the appropriate amount of adult nebulizing medicine per time is 4~6ml, children 3~4ml. If medicine liquid is not enough, the amount of medicine reaching the lower respiratory tract is relatively small, therapeutic effect is not good. Excessive amount of medicine will lead to too long treatment time, which will affect the quality and properties of the mist produced. For children, too long treatment time can lead to inattention, impatience, crying, etc. Inhalation efficiency will be reduced as well.


- Use Too Many Medicine In One Treatment, Mixed Medicine

Generally we should use a single dose of medicines. Avoid opening multiple bottles of medicine at once, pollution risk may exist in long time storage. When combining multiple medicines, pay special attention to the incompatibility and stability of different medicines.


- Use Medicine That Are Irritating To Respiratory Tract

We should avoid the use of alkaline liquids, hypertonic saline, distilled water, oily liquids, and other medicine that are irritating to the respiratory tract. These drugs have a stimulating effect on mucous membranes of the respiratory tract, and may cause choking or bronchospasm. They should be avoided. Especially to children who have asthma are contraindicated.


- Using Wrong Nebulizing Medicine

We should always use medicine under doctor’s advice, do not use medicine on your own. However, there are several medicines is not good for nebulization treatment, they may have poor curative effect and even harm to other organ. Here are some example:

Dexamethasone Injection

It’s a cheap medicine and easy to buy. After the medicine enters the body, it needs to be transformed by the liver, then acts on whole body. There will be adverse reactions. Also, it has low fat solubility, high water solubility, less binding to airway mucosal tissue, low deposition rate in the lung, low affinity for glucocorticoid receptor.  The residence time in the airway is very short, only has a poor curative effect.

Gentamicin Injection

The concentration of this medicine after nebulization is too low to achieve the purpose of anti-infection. Instead, the bacteria remain in a sub-bacterial state for a long time and produce medicine resistance. At the same time, the medicine can stimulate the airway epithelium and aggravate the epithelial inflammatory response.


The drug is highly toxic to the retina, and it is easy to cause damage to the eyes when it is sprayed. In case of rapid inactivation of blood, it cannot be used for patients undergoing pharynx and lung surgery. The drug may also damage the lung tissue. Inhalation into the airway can increase inflammation and induce asthma, so it is not suitable for nebulization.

Aminophylline Injection

Aminophylline and some drugs (such as gentamicin) can produce small crystals when it is atomized; Aminophylline can dilate the bronchus, but it has a stimulating effect on the airway epithelium; it can cause irritating spasm, and there is no atomized formulation. , So it is not suitable for atomization.


- Use intravenous preparations instead of nebulized preparations

The use of intravenous preparations instead of nebulized preparations is irrational. Non-aerosolized medicine cannot meet the requirements of aerosolized particles, it cannot be cleared through the respiratory tract, and may be deposited in lungs, thereby increasing the incidence of lung infections. Intravenous preparations contain preservatives, such as phenols, nitrites, etc., which can induce asthma attacks after inhalation, so this medicine is not recommended.

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