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By Feellife Health Inc | 29 July 2021 | 87 Comments

Why Will We Have Rhinitis Even Wear Mask Everyday?

Covid19 virus last almost two years. During the epidemic period, if we go outside, we have to wear a mask for a long time. That makes our breathing very uncomfortable. Some minor problems may come to us after that - like rhinitis. An important reason that cause rhinitis is allergies, which we usually call allergic rhinitis. Well, wearing mask suppose to protect us, you may wonder why would it cause rhinitis? Read the article below and know something about it.


First thing is, actually, there is no need to wear a mask at home or in an open external environment. But when we go out, we should do our best to protect ourselves, especially those people with allergic rhinitis. When you are outdoors, do not take off your mask. This can prevent pollen and dust from entering the nasal cavity, causing allergic rhinitis and other respiratory diseases. While some doctors also mentioned that the number of people suffering from allergic rhinitis increased significantly in spring. Catkins and pollen floating in the air are common allergens, which are very easy to cause allergic rhinitis and asthma. This has something to do with wearing a mask every day!


You may be wondering: It stands to reason that people wear masks when they go out during the epidemic, which can protect the mouth and nose cavities. Why does the incidence of allergic rhinitis increase?


Wearing masks for a long time, beware of "mask sequelae":

- Lower your body immunity to nature. Wearing a mask will still play a certain protective effect on inhaling dust. During the epidemic, we spend a lot of time at home, if we do not pay attention to ventilation, the chance of dust mite allergy will increase. Also due to the large particles of pollen, get into your mouth and nose, pollen can also enter from the mucous membranes of the eyes, so there will be allergic reactions when wearing a mask.

- Wearing a mask for a long time disrupts the blood circulation of the nasal mucosa. In the absence of obstructions, the patient with rhinitis has difficulty breathing. After wearing a mask, although the allergens can be isolated, the more impact is that the air flow becomes worse, which can also cause the recurrence of rhinitis.

- Emotional stress, fatigue, irregular eating habits, etc. can also lead to recurrence of rhinitis

- The mask material also causes rhinitis.


However, we should still keep wearing mask. It’s important to choose a mask that suit you most. Feellife 3 layers disposable protective mask, it is made of non-woven cloth and melt-down cloth material, low allergy and irritation, without peculiar smell and allergy, make wearing more comfortable and safe. With adjustable hidden nose clip, high elastic ear loop, reduce the pressure. It has excellent electrostatic adsorption of particles to isolate dust pollution. The cutting design fits the face contour in all directions, increase breathing capacity while ensuring tightness, and greatly enhances the air permeability, provide you great protection.


In special times, masks have become a necessity in daily life. Avoid going to crowded places and do a good job of home cleaning. After returning home, clean nasal cavity in time to prevent germs from invading and relieve symptoms of nasal congestion. Choose Feellife, wear comfortable disposable protective mask.

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