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Introduction Since set up in 2009, FEELLIFE CO.,LTD has focused on the research and development and production of e-liquid, rapidly developed into the greatest global e-liquid OEM manufacturer, providing high-quality e-liquid products for many well-known e-liquid brands all over the world. With modern international standard factory, pharmaceutical grade dust-free workshop and assembly line, Feellife ensure every bottle of e-liquid to meet the requirements of high quality. The excellent quality e-liquid products has been transported to dozens of countries and regions around the world,...

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  • Gathering Artisan Spirit’s Quality Feelings- FEELLiFE e-juice trustworthy N reasons
    Gathering Artisan Spirit’s Quality Feelings- FEELLiFE e-juice trustworthy N reasons

    In recent years, as China's major cities promulgate and implement of the ban of cigarette. Electronic cigarette are well known and widely used for smoking cessation gradually by many ordinary smokers. Although varied, the guise of electronic cigarette with dazzling looks very cool and exciting, but really related to sense of physical and mental health and quality of the core elements are still e-juice. In the present specification of electronic cigarette industry is a not perfect circumstance, no formal qualification of the production environment and the community, adding illegal additives prohibited without any inspection report products accounted for a large part, this poor e-juice through shoddy packaging to compete with good e-juice, leading to affect the healthy development of the electronic cigarette industry. As the world's largest e-juice OEM & ODM supplier - FEELLiFE Biotechnology Co., Ltd. has been committed to providing high-quality e-juice exports for the international top electronic cigarette brands. From an ecological point of the development of physical and mental health care consumers and the industry, and the FEELLiFE is necessary to through its own argument lead us to understand and learn how to make real brand e-juice. From the Source to see early heart In clouds village - Yunnan, China, which has particular location its land, temperature, rainfall and other unique geographical factors constitute the world's most perfect environment for growing tobacco. A good beginning is half the battle, in order to create good e-juice; the source of high-quality ecological tobacco is a key. As people edible products, and is a major event of life and health, FEEL LiFE’s founder pay attention on tobacco plantations choice. After several rounds of site visits and repeated tests on the soil, the company decided in Qujing and Yuxi two established built their original ecological tobacco cultivation base. Each year, FEELLiFE selects the best quality and finest without pollution tobacco from their tobacco plantations. We through the industry's most advanced CO2 supercritical extraction technology to extract harmless to humans but also reflects the unique aroma of tobacco from native tobacco leaves plant, in order to ensure e-juice from FEELLiFE’s source presented natural and pure from the beginning to consumers.       From the Scientific to see QC Science and technology are important social productive forces of human progress and development. For large quantities of e-juice production in FEELLiFE, how to do consistently high quality guarantee, which must rely on the industry's most advanced manufacturing technology and strict scientific quality control system. In both of cases, FEELLiFE does not care the count and cost, with the boldness and courage, to ensure that the e-juice production hardware environment to achieve world-class scientific and technological standards. 12, 000 square meters of modern plant in line with cGMP United States and Europe dynamic manufacturing practice and ISO22000 international standards; 3 automatic filling lines and six semi-automatic filling lines with the United States Food and Drug Administration issued the FDA certification; 6  sets of valuable  supercritical carbon dioxide extraction and molecular distillation equipment and fully qualified German industry's top original extraction technology index requirements; a series of high value, world-class technology e-juice testing equipment (GC gas chromatography, GC-MS Gas chromatography and mass spectrometry, LC Agilent vapor phase liquid chromatography detector, etc.) can tracking the product quality in production process, through the e-juice feedstock and finished products for NT, diethylene glycol, plasticizers, aroma, color degree, specific gravity, viscosity, refractive index, nicotine content of accurate analysis and closely monitored to ensure that every drop of e-juice in FEELLiFE in smoke taste, color, aroma and chemical reaction have absolute stability. FEELLiFE’s e-juice by virtue of the world's leading production technology and equipment and quality management system, we won including SGS, STC and other authoritative certification test reports and certificates including more than 50 international authoritative organizations, with the most rigorous and scientific technological to protect 10 million a day  mass production have high-quality.   From the ingenuity to see the faithful    Good e-juice not only has excellent quality and perfect rationality, but also must have learned to listen to the voice of the consumer perceptual quality. According to the different tastes of the world's different regions and ethnic groups like the special tastes of certain groups, the FEELLiFE’s e-juice at early time of the company's inception, we built a powerful enterprise R & D team. Today, this has extensive experience in the FEELLiFE R & D team is composed of five top perfumers, 32 engineers and 2 smoking artists. In order to meet part of the high-end customers to customize the taste of e-juice picky demand, FEELLiFE sending batches of R & D team members to attend French Bordeaux wine tasters every year. By combine Chinese and Western taste buds  stimulate training and international vision of openness and integration of thinking, FEELLiFE convinced that: Only have making wine’s heart can create high-quality and high taste of good e-juice, also to win the final consumption smokers’ loyalty to FEELLiFE brand. Relying on a strong R & D strength, FEELLiFE e-juice with  very strong explosive continue to introduce new products, such as solid e-juice, hookah, small smoke ointment, its rich and mellow as many as more than 1,000 species of choice to fully meet the domestic and foreign categories smokers individual requirements. Let consumption smokers eyebrows are: FEELLiFE’s e-juice can like a glass of wonderful wine, through the "concept of color, smells, smoking products, and aftertaste" and many other dimensions to experience its intriguing mellow and beautiful. Concept of color, the e-juice are clear and pure, crystal clear, no blemish-free and dead, looked very comfortable and seductive; smells, FEELLiFE e-juice have plump mellow, elegant. Between breathing, deep and meaningful, touching; smoking products, FEELLiFE’s e-juice relaxed and graceful, delicate and hearty, without the slightest tie throat tingling. Aftertaste, FEELLiFE’s e-juice articulate and aroma, finish without a break, have a strong sense of satisfaction.                        From the innovation to see the future From the operational headquarters was established in 2009 in Shenzhen, to the plant expansion in the United States in 2013, to build China's first professional conduct electronic tobacco smoke gas research and analysis for the e-juice companies CNAS standard laboratory in 2014, to become China (Shenzhen ) the first electronic cigarette industry standard initiator and major makers in 2015, FEELLiFE e-juice along the way, continues to benefit for smoker, but also grow to the world's first e-juice exports brand. So far, FEELLiFE e-juice have been exported to 36 countries and regions, Europe and the international community, the famous brand of electronic cigarette companies who look forward to cooperating high e-juice OEM & OD M suppliers.      This is an era of rapid economic development of the Internet, but also a no innovative means to be out of the market era. In order to develop a 100% close to the traditional taste of natural and health e-juice, under the premise of millions of smokers at home and abroad no taste disorders, active, joyfully accepted the FEELLiFE e-juice products brought satisfaction, FEELLiFE research elites in experimentally tested numerous times, and finally from vegetables, herbs and fruits a variety of Solanaceae plants to extract ecological way to extract and chemical structure similar to nicotine substitutes - high purity nicotine replacement. It was FEELLiFE e-juice. This is FEELLiFE after solid e-juice and concentrate e-juice, the introduction of innovative products and top-class products of an internationally patented technology. This high purity nicotine substitutes e-juice not only in the nerve excitability, incense smoke smell no way inferior to conventional nicotine e-juice, more importantly, its non-irritating to the respiratory tract and not addictive. Currently, FEELLiFE nicotine substitute e-juice in the country still belongs to a unique pioneering patented technology products, which not only allow FEELLiFE to live a more healthy e-juice quality, but also in the lead a healthy development of the domestic electronic cigarette industry has a forward-looking strategic vision.   Looking ahead, FEELLiFE  e-juice tireless craftsman spirit condensed into the quality of feelings, their sense of urgency to unite into a forward-looking spirit of innovation, embraced each other, let us wish to FEELLiFE e-juice go deeper, go farther in the future!

  • FEELLiFE e-liquid seeking partners in North America
    FEELLiFE e-liquid seeking partners in North America

    FEELLiFE, the largest e-liquid export enterprises in the world, has been committed to providing high quality OEM & ODM service to the world's top e-liquid electronic cigarette brand. 2014, FEELLiFE built a 28,000 square feet automatic filling lines modern factory with AEMSA decoration standard (which the clean room meet ISO8 standards). FEELLiFE use international cGMP (Dynamic Manufacturing Practice) certification for US factory production quality implementation of the entire process of tracking and management, and fully guarantee every drop of FEELLiFE e-liquid in line with US FDA highest food safety testing standards. In order to better serve the international market, FEELLiFE US factories are seeking high quality e-liquid OEM & ODM partners. October 2014, FEELLiFE founder & CEO Edward signed an e-liquid ODM cooperation agreement with one of the largest California distributors of electronic cigarettes and accessories. "The partnership has created a good start for FEELLiFE US factories produced e-liquid to open the nation's OEM & ODM market. However, to get more global electronic cigarette brands better focus on their product marketing and promotion, FEELLiFE need to further enhance its reputation and influence! ", Edward said. Next, Edward hopes in the United States and the global different regions to find more dynamic and creative brand electronic cigarette partners. Edward said: "In the global brand e-liquid OEM & ODM cooperation, FEELLiFE have very sufficient experience and hardware infrastructure, we will help our electronic cigarette brands to create a perfect platform for processing services with trained technicians staff. At the same time, we also provide our best service to the customer by the most favorable and convenient way! " As Chinese the largest, the most senior e-liquid export enterprises, FEELLiFE product philosophies always put exceeding customer expectations as the goal, and always maintain the leading position in the industry. So far, FEELLiFE e-liquid with healthy and pure quality and up to more than 1,000 species of rich category, fully meet the global different regions, different taste preferences of different ethnic groups. December 2015, FEELLiFE at the electronic cigarette industry veteran senior-level of electronic identity was invited to be a founder and chief drafters took part in Shenzhen E-liquid of industry standards (Chinese first electronic cigarette industry local standards) "If you are an endeavor to comply with professional ethics and customer-centric electronic cigarette brand partners, I think, the United States FEELLiFE factory produced high quality e-liquid, must be your good choice! Of course, the more important is FEELLiFE e-liquid can bring you good luck in cash roll! We are full of enthusiasm and confidence to look forward to your advice and access. "Edward opens arms, warm invitation.

  • A tobacco treasures from the gambling town with FL4’s security warmth
    A tobacco treasures from the gambling town with FL4’s security warmth

    March 16-17, 2016, at the head of the world's four gambling town- Las Vegas International Convention and Exhibition Centre, we welcome in the annual American International Tobacco Exhibition (TPE).     As the United States and throughout the Americas largest and most professional tobacco exhibition, TPE not only reflects the latest trends in the development of the tobacco industry in North America, but also the sales barometer of tobacco products on the international market. It annually attracts over 300 exhibitors from more than 20 countries and regions come to. Dazzled and innovation products covers all areas of traditional cigarettes, electronic cigarette, hookah, cigars, tobacco equipment, raw materials and so on. With this excellent international platform, exhibitors from around the world as the “everyone has their own strongpoints” have been offering the most competitive flagship product. Shenzhen FEELLiFE Co., Ltd. as the world's top e-juice OEM manufacturers and a senior business in Shenzhen electronic cigarette industry; also is a frequent visitor to the previous TPE exhibition. For the first international show in Las Vegas, FEELLiFE company made careful preparations before. Not only appoint the strongest team, but also specifically for the recent electronic cigarette industry's frequent explosion, to introduced a newly developed technology products FL4 (a never explode electronic cigarette).     For FEELLiFE's abnormal move, many professionals cannot understand: why competitors treat the electronic cigarette explosion as secrecy, while FEELLiFE company was standing on the cusp, to promise FL4 never explosion? For this problem, the FEELLiFE professionals’ staff explained: FL4 electronic cigarette dare promise never to explode, because the product is used in high-performance exclusive patented technology developed titanate lithium original package battery. This battery with fast-charge, quick release and other basic quality, in addition has a very high thermal stability, even in the heat burned, the explosion does not occur. This is compared to similar competing products using non-genuine lithium cobalt oxide batteries; Fl4 not only has absolute security, and also improved user’s sense of experience.    "Never say you are early, there are more earlier person than you", when the electronic cigarette industry veteran players are weighing electronic cigarette in enjoy large amount of smoke and security how to balance, FEELLiFE FL4, a never explosion of electronic cigarettes has cuts this issue to the invisible.     2016, for the world's electronic cigarette industry, is bound to be an extraordinary year. Let’s expect this fluttering glory blowing from Las Vegas, carrying with FEELLiFE FL4 never explosion safety warmth, become the most beautiful scenery in every smoker’s heart on the warm early spring now!

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Since set up in 2009, Feellife Bioscience International Co., Ltd. has focused on the research and development and production of e-liquid, rapidly developed into the greatest global e-liquid OEM manufacturer, providing high-quality e-liquid products for many well-known e-liquid brands all over the world.

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