Power supply: internal power supply DC 3.7V 

External power supply DC 5.0v, 1A Atomization rate: 0.15ml/min~0.90ml/min Median particle size: 3.0µm±25

Machine noise: ≤ 50dB (A weighted)

Working frequency: 130kHz, error ± 10%                                  

Timing: 10min                                                                        

Liquid cup capacity:10ml(max)                                     

Residual liquid volume:≤0.3mL                                                                  


Weight: about 102.5g (including battery)

Product description

Use case


Functional advantage

·Artificial intelligence, multi-person batch quantitative drug delivery, accurate to 0.01ml, more efficient nebulization

·Peristaltic pump suction, sub-batch quantitative nebulization, does not affect the remaining liquid in the medicine cup, reduce the loss of the original liquid

·AiMesh core technology, polymer diaphragm, not blocked and not broken, and more secure

·LCD display, visualization operation, Bluetooth APP, nebulization data can be checked.


Patients with upper and lower respiratory diseases, 

COPD patients, humidification, phlegm, asthma, anti-inflammatory, swelling, anti-allergy patients.

Video introduction