Product description

Use case

Air Flow 2
Air Flow 2
Air Flow 2 模特图2
Air Flow 2 模特图2
Air Flow2专利图
Air Flow2专利图

Functional advantage

Four-speed frequency conversion design.

Exclusive frequency conversion spray technology.

Scientific configuration and gentle care.

Innovative anti-waste liquid backflow design.

Clean and safe aseptic process.

IP22 waterproof.

Body integrated waterproof.

For people

People who pay attention to personal hygiene and pursue a high quality of life.

There are rhinitis, sinusitis, respiratory diseases and postoperative population.

People with a high risk of occupational diseases of high dust respiratory tract. Such as: teachers, traffic police, miners, textile workers, etc.

Smokers (and secondhand smokers).

Children, pregnant women, the elderly and other groups who avoid drugs.

People with dry nose who work in an air-conditioned environment for a long time.

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