Product description

Use case

Sea Salt Water(章鱼)
Sea Salt Water(章鱼)
Sea Salt Water(章鱼)
Sea Salt Water(章鱼)
Physiological Sea Salt Water(5ml)
Physiological Sea Salt Water(5ml)

Functional advantage

Extraction of deep-sea brine from the A-level waters of the Arabah (Dead Sea) in Israel.

High oxygen content and freshness

The product is rich in 60% of the 21 minerals needed by the human body, high-precision sterile purification of 0.9% isotonic sea salt water.

Using 36 processes of high-precision distillation and sterilization, the purity is as high as 99.9%.

Nourishes nasal cavity, sterile and safe

Mild and no additives, pregnant women and babies can use it with confidence.

The product has no added pharmaceutical ingredients, no hormones, no stimulation, no added chemical ingredients, alcohol and preservatives.

Food grade PP material

The product is harmless to the human body, and the baby is safe to use.

Precise measurement

The small diameter can control flow, it's more convenient.

Innovative Aseptic Packaging

Cap can be re-fastened to prevent bacterial infection.

For people

Home care

The product is suitable for people without special contraindications, such as itchy and dry nose,allergic rhinitis,nasal congestion or runny nose,cold and discomfort.

family standing

Nasal Care

Clean the wound

Prevention of rhinitis

Baby care

moisten the nasal passages

Nose and Nose

Moisturize and soften

Partial cleaning

Clean the ears

Clean the navel

Clean the eye area

Skin care

Clean dirt

Antibacterial maintenance

Calm and soothe

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