feellife® | First day of 2024 Arab Health

The Arab Health Exhibition, the second-largest global medical exhibition, stands out as the largest and most comprehensive professional medical expo in the Middle East. Since its inaugural event in 1975, the exhibition has consistently expanded in scale, attracting professionals from around the world. Arab Health 2024 will continue to adopt a combined "online + offline" format, with the physical exhibition taking place from January 29 to February 1, 2024, providing more possibilities for exchanges in the medical field.


feellife® First day of 2024 Arab Health

Themed "Innovation and Healthcare Reform" in Arab Health 2023, the exhibition showcased thousands of medical products and services, drawing 3,358 exhibiting companies from 76 countries and over 135,880 industry professionals globally. The exhibition not only achieved a satisfaction rate of 96% but also generated a substantial total business value of up to USD 1.081 billion.


The rapid growth in the medical and healthcare sector in the Middle East is becoming a crucial market for suppliers of medical equipment and pharmaceutical products. Investments are projected to grow at an annual rate of 9%, with the total investment expected to reach USD 55 billion by 2025. Gulf countries, in particular, plan extensive medical construction projects to meet the increasing demands in healthcare.


Arab Health 2024 encompasses a wide range of exhibits, including medical equipment and instrument devices, home healthcare products, and small healthcare instruments. Whether it is medical electronic instruments, medical X-ray equipment, or home health care products, all will receive ample exposure at the exhibition.


Arab Health 2024 will continue to provide a platform for innovation in the medical industry, driving the development of the medical equipment sector and injecting new momentum into the healthcare industry in the Middle East and globally.

Feellife Health Inc. was founded in 2013, headquartered in Shenzhen, and is recognized as a national high-tech enterprise. feellife® focuses on the research and development, production, marketing, and services of nebulizer medical technology, covering various fields such as life healthcare, clinical medicine, and nebulized vaccines.


feellife® First day of 2024 Arab Health

feellife® boasts a portfolio of 220+ core patents under AiMesh®, leading the innovation in intelligent variable-frequency nebulization technology. With a CNAS-certified standard laboratory, the company has successfully obtained international ISO13485 certification, national medical device Class II EU CE certification, and FDA certification in the United States. Its products are distributed across more than 60 countries and regions, including Europe, America, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, and East Asia.


feellife® First day of 2024 Arab Health

Leveraging the patented AiMesh® nebulization core technology, feellife® holds a strong core competitive advantage in the international medical nebulization field. Through technological innovation driving product development, the company aims to meet the demands of nebulized medical care, contributing to the steady development of the nebulized medical sector.

feellife® First day of 2024 Arab Health


In the upcoming Arab Health Exhibition, feellife® will continue to explore new trends in nebulized medical care, fully utilize its technological advantages, and actively pursue the vision of "providing a third way of dosing for humanity." The company is committed to delivering high-quality nebulized medical services and experiences to users globally.


AiMesh® Nebulization Core Technology: Creating the Core Competitiveness in the Field of Nebulization

feellife® founded in 2013, is an international medical enterprise integrating academics, research and development, production and sales of nebulizer and nebulizer solution, and is the first to create the global nebulization ecological model of intelligent nebulizer + nebulizer solution. We have a team of cutting-edge scientific research and technology talents, a one-stop full-service team, and cutting-edge production equipment. Decades of focus on the field of nebulization, based on the nebulization of medical technology industry. Globally, the first to develop the core innovative technology of AiMesh® nebulization, dedicated to the research of nebulization medical ecology, leading the forefront of nebulization technology. Provide the third way of drug delivery for human beings, and comprehensively enhance the change of nebulization for all human beings.


Since its establishment, it has passed ISO13485, GMP, CGMP, SO22000, CFDA, ROHS, SGS, FDA, CE and other safety certifications, and participated in the development of the "Mesh Nebulizer Registration Guidelines" national standard.


With innovative high-tech nebulization technology, solid safety quality, and through continuous in-depth exploration, feellife® increase scientific and technological research and development efforts to complete the AiMesh® nebulization core technology patent layout, to create core competitiveness in the field of medical nebulization, and become the first brand to fully realize the new upgrade of nebulization core technology. feellife® provides users with a better nebulization experience, and lays a solid foundation of the domestic nebulizer. Domestic nebulizer has laid a solid foundation of innovation and technology, enhance the market influence and popularity of domestic nebulizer brands, and help the nebulization medical field to leap forward.

What is AiMesh® Nebulizing Core Technology?

The secret of feellife® efficient, precise and safe atomization comes from AiMesh® atomization core technology.

AiMesh® Nebulization Core Technology; Creating the Core Competitiveness in the Field of Nebulization


It uses modern high-tech field of polymer materials, high-frequency oscillation technology, to achieve a high degree of precision uniform aperture, nebulization quality has been fundamentally safeguarded. Promote human nebulization medical level enhancement, service for all mankind high-quality nebulization.

Global Advantages of AiMesh® Nebulization Core Technology



Polymer materials

No rust, strong water absorption, not easy to leak (long service life)

Highly elastic properties

High atomization throughput rate, plugging holes and breaking holes close to zero
 (long service life)

Non-metallic flexible materials

The atomizer is not easy to break the hole and pop up, more safe atomization

feellife® relies on technology independent research and development, production line built independently to keep moving forward, layers of strict screening, standardized dust-free production workshop, to create high-quality nebulization. Craftsmanship to create a series of fine products such as mesh nebulizer, lung function tester, nebulized vaccine equipment.

Technology + Quality = Core Competitiveness

The technology developed quantitative atomized vaccine inhalation Air Right device, which realizes the precise quantitative drug delivery output technology, and the atomization precision can be as small as 10 μL, in order to quickly overcome the obstacles of large-scale vaccination, and was approved by the Guangdong Provincial Department of Science and Technology to prevent the epidemic of the strategic materials for the establishment of the project program.

AiMesh® Nebulization Core Technology; Creating the Core Competitiveness in the Field of Nebulization

Air Pro 5 nebulized inhalation vaccine equipment, has passed the new crown pneumonia epidemic prevention and control technology research special project. None of this does not verify that the feellife® AiMesh® nebulization core technology this technology for the future development of the field of nebulization is of great significance to promote! For the long-term development of enterprises that are deeply engaged in the fogging industry is crucial!

The fact that feellife® has maintained its market-leading position in the nebulizer field fully highlights the brand's philosophy of "customer first" and providing high-quality, safer, and smarter products at all times. The development of nebulization technology is not only to meet the global respiratory health, but also to explore the true value of nebulization technology. This is a change that is not limited to the quality of nebulization, but a change that serves all mankind!

Guidelines for the Rational Use of Nebulized Inhalation Therapy

Nebulized inhalation is a direct drug delivery method using the respiratory tract and lungs as the target organs, and has become a key means of treating respiratory-related diseases with its advantages of rapid onset of action, high local drug concentration, lower dosage, convenient application and fewer systemic adverse effects. However, unregulated use of nebulized inhalation therapy may not only directly impair the therapeutic effect, but also cause safety hazards, posing a threat to the life and health of patients.


Nebulized inhalation therapy uses a nebulized inhalation device to convert medication into aerosol particles with diameters ranging from 0.01 to 10 μm, which are inhaled and deposited in the airways and lungs to exert therapeutic effects. The diameter of the nebulized particles directly affects where the drug is deposited in the body, and effective nebulized particles should have a diameter between 0.5 and 10 μm. The effective nebulized particles should be between 0.5 and 10 μm in diameter. 5 to 10 μm diameter particles are mainly deposited in the oropharynx, 3 to less than 5 μm particles are mainly deposited in the lungs, and 50% to 60% of particles less than 3 μm are deposited in the alveoli.

Guidelines for the Rational Use of Nebulized Inhalation Therapy

Physicochemical properties of nebulized inhaled drugs


The widespread use of nebulized inhalation drugs has made them a key therapeutic tool for respiratory-related diseases. The therapeutic effect of this treatment is mainly due to its unique physicochemical properties, which optimize the action of the drug in the body.


Ideally, aerosolized inhaled drugs exhibit 'two short and one long' properties in vivo, which means that the drug has a shorter residence time at the surface of the airway mucosa, a relatively shorter plasma half-life, and a longer retention time in the local tissues. This characteristic helps to exert the therapeutic effect rapidly in a short period of time, reduce the occurrence of systemic side effects, and maintain the drug concentration in local tissues for a longer period of time to achieve a more lasting therapeutic effect.


In practice, inhaled glucocorticosteroids (ICS) are widely used for the treatment of COPD and asthma, short-acting β2 agonists (SABA) are used for the rapid relief of acute symptoms, short-acting cholinergic M-receptor antagonists (SAMA) inhibit mucus secretion from airway glands by blocking the cholinergic M-receptor and relaxing airway smooth muscle, diastolizing bronchioles, and mucolytics can inhibit mucus secretion from the airway glands by decreasing the phlegm's viscosity to increase sputum expulsion, thus making it easier to cough up.


Medication monitoring in special populations


First of all, the use of nebulized inhalation preparations in elderly patients requires comprehensive consideration of various factors to ensure the effectiveness and safety of medication. For the elderly population, medication compliance and accuracy are key, so measures need to be taken to improve patients' understanding of and cooperation with nebulized inhalation therapy. When applying inhaled glucocorticoids (ICS), particular attention needs to be paid to the risk of pneumonia in the elderly population. Different types of ICS may have different risks of developing pneumonia, so careful consideration needs to be given to their selection and use to ensure that elderly patients are able to maintain good respiratory hygiene during treatment.

Guidelines for the Rational Use of Nebulized Inhalation Therapy


For elderly patients with cardiac disease, the principle of inhalation on demand should be followed when nebulizing short-acting beta2 agonists (SABA). Overuse of SABA may lead to arrhythmias or aggravate symptoms of coronary artery disease, so patient response needs to be closely monitored to avoid unnecessary risks when administering the drug. In addition, the use of nebulized inhaled short-acting choline M receptor antagonist (SAMA) should be used more cautiously in elderly patients with prostatic hyperplasia or bladder cancer neck obstruction. The overall health of the patient needs to be taken into account when developing a treatment plan to avoid possible adverse effects and complications.


Second, when using nebulized inhalation formulations in pediatric patients, special attention needs to be paid to the safety and efficacy of the medication. Budesonide Suspension is currently approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as a nebulized dosage form of ICS for use only in children under 4 years of age. Dosage adjustments should be made as needed for nebulized inhalation therapy in children. To improve therapeutic efficacy, the use of a mask inhaler is recommended for younger children, especially if a closed mask is selected. The treatment should preferably be carried out in a quiet state to ensure the relaxation and comfort of the child.


During treatment, the vital signs of the pediatric patient need to be closely monitored. If symptoms such as frequent coughing, shortness of breath,   and airway spasm occur, nebulization treatment should be immediately suspended and observed. After the symptoms are relieved, the suitability of continuing the treatment needs to be assessed. For children who need long-term nebulization therapy, regular follow-up should be conducted to assess the effectiveness of the treatment. Parents should not stop the medication on their own because their child is showing improvement; adjustments need to be made on the advice of the doctor.


Guidelines for the Rational Use of Nebulized Inhalation Therapy


Finally, women need special care when using nebulized inhalation preparations during pregnancy and lactation. According to clinical guidelines issued by the NAEPP Expert Panel and ACOG, for those pregnant and breastfeeding women with persistent asthma, the preferred medications for controlling airway inflammation are ICSs, with budesonide having an FDA pregnancy classification of B, and beclomethasone propionate and fluticasone propionate having a C classification. The results of the Swedish Birth Registration Center study showed no significant effect of budesonide treatment on congenital malformations, fetal death, gestational age, or fetal growth. Therefore, budesonide is recommended as the preferred choice for nebulized inhalation formulations during pregnancy and lactation.


In addition, according to a statement from the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), terbutaline has very limited excretion in breast milk and therefore may be preferred as a SABA for use in nursing women.This recommendation is intended to ensure that when a woman uses a nebulized inhalation formulation while breastfeeding, the potential effects of the medication on the infant are minimized. When choosing a medication regimen, women should make decisions under the advice and guidance of their physician to maintain their own health and that of their infant.

Guidelines for the Rational Use of Nebulized Inhalation Therapy

In terms of medication monitoring for special populations, for different groups of people such as elderly patients, pediatric patients, pregnant and lactating women, we need to pay more attention to the safety and rationality of medication, to ensure that patients receive nebulized inhalation therapy with optimal therapeutic effects and reduce the risk of adverse reactions.


Nebulized inhalation therapy, as a method of direct drug delivery, has significant advantages in the treatment of respiratory-related diseases. However, we also need to realize that unregulated use may negatively affect the therapeutic efficacy and safety of patients, and even threaten their lives and health. In the future, we look forward to the continuous innovation and development of nebulized inhalation therapy, which will bring patients a more convenient, safer and more effective treatment experience. The in-depth research and practice of this treatment modality will continue to expand the prospects of nebulized medicine and open up new possibilities for the treatment of respiratory diseases. Let's work together to bring the potential of nebulized inhalation therapy into full play and provide a third way of drug delivery for human beings.

feellife® Creates a New Industry of Nebulization

With the further aggravation of air pollution, as well as the sudden coldness and warmth of the climate between the change of seasons, the number of patients with respiratory diseases has greatly increased globally. As a medical device that effectively protects against respiratory diseases, nebulizers have been recommended as a priority treatment by the Global Asthma Prevention and Control Guidelines and the World Health Organization, and have become the first choice of many respiratory disease patients by virtue of the advantages of safety, speed, effectiveness, convenience and painlessness.


feellife® Creates a New Industry of Nebulization

1. Responding to the needs and leading the industry to positive development

Along with the gradual development and maturity of artificial intelligence technology, the medical model is being changed, and many medical equipment companies have been exploring the portability of medical equipment and family. However, most of the nebulizers on the market at present are still traditional nebulizers, with no major innovation. As a result, it does not meet the diverse and personalized needs of people for nebulizer treatment.


Keep leading the 'Chinese nebulizer' feellife ®, a variety of suitable for all groups of people nebulizer shape, free hands free, to achieve multi-angle ease of nebulization mode, once again to the industry to confirm the national brand as a breakthrough, continuous innovation of scientific research strength.


2. Leading the future, focusing on intelligent nebulization treatment

Many parents have had such troubles: the child has a respiratory disease, the doctor issued a nebulizer single, although only 10 minutes, but the child is unwilling to cooperate, crying, making the nebulizer can not play the best therapeutic effect, but also easy to cause choking.


The feellife® nebulizer eliminates the disadvantages of traditional nebulizers that require a fixed location to receive nebulization. The lightweight body and ultra-lightweight handheld design ensure that nebulization can be performed at any time, anywhere. Without the tension that the hospital itself brings to the child, the child is naturally more receptive to using it on his/her own in the way he/she prefers.       

At the same time, feellife® nebulizer adopts the patented surge and inverter 2-mode technology, which intelligently adapts to the user's respiratory frequency, and is more suitable for children and respiratory patients with narrow lumen of sensitive airways, caring for the user's every breath, and obtaining a comfortable experience and high performance.

feellife® Creates a New Industry of Nebulization

3. Innovation and empowerment, building a new industry of nebulization

In recent years, the state has focused more attention on the medical and health industry, and has continuously and intensively launched several sets of policies to vigorously support the development of medical device technology. Whether it is the development of national medical technology needs, or the people's urgent demand for nebulizers, have spurred the innovation of domestic medical brand research.


Starting from the independent research and development of the first nebulizer, feellife® has driven the rise of the domestic nebulization science ecosystem by virtue of continuous pioneering and innovation, persistence and perseverance. In the era of all people enjoying intelligent medical treatment, feellife® creates technologically advanced, portable and intelligent, healthy and safe nebulized medical devices with craftsmanship. Providing the third way of drug delivery for human beings, feellife® has been actively contributing its value.

feellife® is not only innovating in products, but also developing safe and nebulizable medicines, realizing nebulized medical treatment into the family, and helping more patients to realize home nebulized treatment.

Why Choose the AiMesh® Mesh Nebulizer?

In 2022, the world's first nebulized inhalation new crown vaccine was launched, breaking the traditional route of vaccine administration. Not only has it shown good safety and immunogenicity in clinical data, but it can also induce mucosal immunity, which has brought a breakthrough in the development of respiratory vaccines.


Meanwhile, the first nebulized inhalation antibiotic tobramycin inhalation solution for the treatment of bronchiectasis was listed on the market, which changed the status quo that no drug was available in China in the field of nebulized inhalation treatment for bronchiectasis patients, providing more support for bronchiectasis patients and improving their quality of life.

Nebulized Inhalation Therapy: An Innovative Way to Expand the Field of Treatment


Nebulized inhalation therapy (NIT) is a method of drug delivery in which drugs are atomized by a special drug delivery device and inhaled into the lungs by the patient in the form of an aerosol to exert a local or systemic effect for preventive, therapeutic or diagnostic purposes. It is the preferred method of drug delivery for the treatment of asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), and can also be used for the treatment of pulmonary fibrosis, lung cancer and other respiratory diseases.


Why choose the AiMesh® mesh nebulizer?

With the continuous development of nebulized medicine, nebulized therapy is no longer limited to the classic nebulized drugs such as budesonide and salbutamol, but scientists are now doing more research in new areas, and nebulized inhalation therapy has been shown to be an alternative to injectable routes of administration of peptides and proteins in situations such as systemic administration of medications, gene therapy, or vaccine administration. The above mentioned drugs that have been on the market for a short period of time are good examples of this.

Nebulizer Science: A Comparative Analysis of Compression Nebulizers and Mesh Nebulizers


There are two types of nebulizers currently used to deliver medications, namely compression nebulizers and mesh nebulizers. Compression nebulizer, also known as jet nebulizer, is powered by compressed air or oxygen, through the high-speed airflow generated for inhalation of aerosol atomization device, mainly by the air source, nebulizer cups and masks or suction nozzle composition. Its atomization efficiency is relatively low, the atomization time is long, and generally causes a relatively large residue.

Why choose the AiMesh® mesh nebulizer?


The other is a mesh nebulizer also called vibrating screen nebulizer, through the vibration of the screen, the liquid produces periodic pressure, so that the liquid is squeezed and sprayed through the mesh. The nebulization method is softer, which will reduce the destruction of biologically active drugs. Vibrating screen nebulizer has the advantages of shorter nebulization time, high drug utilization, high output water mist FPF, no requirement for patient's respiratory ability and hand-mouth coordination, and makes it easy to carry and use, and so on.

AiMesh® Polymer Membrane Technology: A Safety Tool to Enhance the Performance of Mesh Atomizers


The core of a mesh nebulizer is the 'mesh', i.e. the membrane. feellife®'s patented AiMesh® polymer membrane technology can further enhance the performance of mesh nebulizers, thus obtaining a better liquid throughput rate, reducing the blockage of the holes, and greatly reducing the risk of rust or breakage of the holes, thus improving safety. This polymer diaphragm technology is not only a symbol of technological innovation, but also the key to improving safety and efficiency.


Why choose the AiMesh® mesh nebulizer?

The further development of nebulized inhalation therapy not only improves the treatment experience for patients, but also brings great opportunities for innovation in the medical research and pharmaceutical fields. Advances in technology have opened up a broader perspective for nebulized medicine, demonstrating the potential of this treatment modality in the future of medical therapy. As technology continues to advance, our expectations for nebulized medicine will become even broader, and we believe that this field will bring more surprises to the future of medical treatment.

feellife® Honoured as a MedTech Outlook Top 20 Company in the US

Feellife Health Inc. has been honored with the prestigious recognition of being named a Top 20 MedTech Company in the United States by MedTech Outlook. MedTech Outlook, a prominent and trusted source in the healthcare technology landscape, annually recognizes companies that have demonstrated exceptional innovation, impact, and success in the medical technology sector.


 feellife® Honoured as a MedTech Outlook Top 20 Company in the US


The Challenge of Traditional Nebulizers

Traditional nebulizers, though effective, have long been criticized for their bulkiness and lack of portability. feellife® addresses this challenge with a range of portable, and quiet nebulizers that prioritize patient convenience. The key to their success lies in the revolutionary AiMesh®s polymer diaphragm, seamlessly blending science and artificial intelligence to optimize medication delivery through mesh nebulizers.


AiMesh®: The Technological Marvel

AiMesh® stands out for its adaptability and commitment to environmental sustainability, earning the trust of healthcare institutions and medical professionals alike. Unlike conventional nebulizers, AiMesh® boasts exceptional bio-elasticity and corrosion resistance, with automatic adjustment capabilities that enhance the precision of drug delivery. It also ensures that the holes are not blocked during the actual treatment.


AirICU: Revolutionizing ICU Nebulization in Europe

feellife®'s commitment to innovation is exemplified by the introduction of AirICU in Europe—a game-changer in intensive care unit (ICU) nebulization. Unlike its predecessors, AirICU offers precise dosage control, integrated technology, and intelligent design, reducing the risk of cross-infection and enhancing patient safety. European hospitals laud AirICU for its quieter operation, precise dosing, and improved patient care.


Feellife Health Inc.'s recognition as a Top 20 MedTech Company by MedTech Outlook serves as a testament to its unwavering dedication to advancing healthcare through innovation. As the company continues to shape the landscape of respiratory care, it stands poised for further success, improving the lives of patients and professionals alike with its transformative solutions.

feellife | First day of Medica!!

First day of Medica

Thank you for recognizing the innovative power of feellife and greetings to new and existing partners, we are in Hall 9A64, invite industry partners to come and have a chat!

feellife | First day of Medica!!

feellife | First day of Medica!!

feellife | First day of Medica!!

feellife | First day of Medica!!