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Aerosol inhalation therapy is an important and effective method for respiratory diseases, such as bronchial asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, bronchiectasis, chronic bronchitis, hormone sensitive cough, post infection cough, pediatric related respiratory diseases, etc., which can achieve painless, rapid and effective treatment. Most people go to the hospital for nebulization treatment, which is not only complicated, but also delays the treatment in case of emergency. Now, with the development of science and technology, portable nebulizer has emerged as the times require. Compared with traditional nebulizers, portable nebulizer is small in size, low in noise, simple in operation, and very convenient in drug administration. They are not only applicable to all respiratory diseases, but also can be carried and used anytime and anywhere. Their effects are basically consistent with those of aerosol therapy in hospitals.

portable nebulizer

The use of portable nebulizer for aerosol therapy at home can not only avoid cross infection in hospitals, but also make up for the lack of hospital resources. If the patient is a child, be familiar with the home environment, reduce crying caused by fear, and better cooperate with nebulization therapy. If the patient is an office worker, he/she can also do aerosol therapy without asking for leave, saving the time cost of going to the hospital, and the schedule of aerosol therapy is more flexible.

Many friends also asked me what brand of nebulizer I would choose. In fact, different brands of nebulizers only differ in whether the nebulized particles are fine enough and whether the absorption effect is good. Theoretically, the effect of using the same drug is not different. However, the portable nebulizer provided by FEELLIFE breaks the molecular structure of liquid water through the high-frequency resonance of the nebulizer by using electronic high-frequency oscillation (no harm to human body and animals), forming about 3 μ The nebulized particles of m are very delicate particles, which can quickly reach the lower respiratory tract, trachea, and alveoli, making the liquid medicine easier to absorb, and the nebulization effect will be better.

portable nebulizer

It is believed that many friends are looking for high-quality portable nebulizer. FEELLIFE specializes in creating an nebulization ecological matrix, integrating core technology into innovation, and providing customers with better nebulization solutions. The developed and produced portable nebulizer are popular with the majority of users. You can meet your breathing needs without leaving home. Welcome to call for advice.