How to choose the household nebulizer

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When nebulizing at home, it is obviously to use the nebulized medicine prescribed by the doctor, but the condition is not getting better. What's the matter? It is probably that the hospital nebulizer was not selected correctly, and it was a waste of money and effort, which failed to achieve the expected nebulization effect, so it is really important to select the right nebulizer! Today, I'd like to share how to choose a household nebulizer.

How to choose the household nebulizer

1. nebulized particle

To judge whether the nebulizer is good or bad, you can first look at the size of the nebulized particles it produces and the amount of nebulization per minute μ The percentage of nebulized particles of m size, which are crucial factors, directly determine the nebulization effect. Only particles at 5 μ Only those below m can be effectively deposited in the lower respiratory tract and alveoli. These three parameters must be paid attention to when purchasing an nebulizer!

How to judge the quality of the nebulizing spray without professional equipment testing? It's simple! You can use clear water to test, and aim the spray port of the nebulizer at the eyeglass or glass for spray. If there are no condensed water droplets on the glass or lens, it can be determined that the nebulized particles are less than 5 μ M, which can reach the lower respiratory tract. The feelife nebulizer Air Flow 3 uses the Venturi principle to screen the nebulized particles for the second time through the impact plate, so that the nebulized particles are less than 3.8 microns, and the fine particles can directly reach the affected area.

2. Residual liquid medicine

At the end of nebulization, the nebulizer will retain certain drugs. The less the residual amount of liquid medicine, the higher the drug utilization rate. The residue of the compressed nebulizer Air Flow 3 of feellife is less than 0.7ml, and the precise control ensures that the waste of liquid medicine is reduced.

How to choose the household nebulizer

3.  efficiency of nebulization

The nebulizer does not mean that the faster the time, the better, nor the larger the fog, the better. The key is to see the size of the nebulized particles. On the premise of ensuring the quality of nebulized particles, the higher the nebulization efficiency, the better. The air flow 3 of the feelife nebulizer is less than 5 μ The effective fog particles of m are more than 60%, and the nebulization rate is more than 0.2ml/min, which can shorten the treatment time and ensure the efficacy.

See here, do you know how to choose the hospital nebulizer? The Air Flow 3 nebulizer is not only small, easy to operate, and very delicate, but also has a noise lower than 65dB. The medicine cup is made of standard PP material, which is skin friendly, soft and comfortable. It is also suitable for various types of nebulized drugs. It can atomize large particles of drugs and viscous liquids without hole blockage. The Air Flow 3 nebulizer is a kind of nebulizer that can really achieve the effect of nebulizing treatment of diseases, and is your best choice.